Batelco selected Xakia to deliver reliable matter intake – and now uses the software to make data-driven performance goals.


Bahrain Telecommunication Company BSC, or Batelco, is the leading telecommunications company in Bahrain. Batelco provides fixed and wireless telecommunications services to both corporate and consumer markets in Bahrain and other jurisdictions worldwide.

Batelco’s eight-member Legal Department covers a wide spectrum of issues, from litigation to M&A to regulatory.


The Legal Department lacked a uniform way to receive matters; business clients defaulted to sending matters to lawyers they knew personally.

This made it hard to monitor individual projects, as well as macro volume and workflow, said Noora Sulaibeekh, general counsel.

The Legal Department tried some makeshift solutions. It appointed a paralegal to distribute new assignments; that proved problematic if she was unavailable. It created a group email account that was circulated to the entire team; this worked for simply handing off files, but it made any collection of Legal Department data cumbersome.

“We were thinking more than just how to receive matters,” Sulaibeekh said. “How are we doing things? Are we doing things efficiently? Are we quick enough? What’s the average response time?”

Meanwhile, Sulaibeekh said, she saw how other corporate functions outside of Legal monitored their performance. “My peers at the executive levels, like in Marcomm and Procurement, have these fancy dashboards and data they present,” she said.

“We were at the point where we could not be left behind; there must be a better way to handle things.”


Batelco started to look at matter management software. Because one of the primary goals was a streamlined Legal Intake & Triage system, Sulaibeekh and her team needed to ensure anyone in the organization could send matters through – without an expensive license.

Xakia stood out for its web-based Legal Intake & Triage, which provides an online ticketing system available to any internal user. Sulaibeekh also appreciated the ease with which she could create custom fields for matter data – fields which could help her collect, analyze and present information on her KPIs.


The Legal Department implemented Xakia and introduced the new Legal Intake & Triage system to its business clients, who provided positive feedback.

Moreover, Sulaibeekh said, she now has a fast and convenient way to access the Legal Department’s metrics.

“It’s about performance. How are we performing? I extract data and show my CEO, OK, we’ve received 300 matters, 50 from Procurement, 71 from this department, and all that. But actually what they really care about is how efficient we are,” she said.

“The good news: The team can work on something and we would be able to measure that. It is very important for us to show how are we are improving and pushing ourselves. So if we started to see our average response time for a matter is five days, OK, how can we make it to three, and push ourselves.”




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