Meet the team: Haseena Muqarab

Meet Haseena, our APAC Application Support. Haseena recently moved to Melbourne from Singapore. Check out our blog for more fun facts.


Haseena Muqarab

Job title

Application Support, APAC

Tell us a bit about yourself

I have 2 sons, who are 8 and 2 ½. I started working with Xakia one year ago, and previously I was working with another company in change management.

When I’m not working, I love to travel and try different cuisines. Right now, I'm exploring Melbourne, because in 2017 I moved here from Singapore, where I had previously lived for about 8 years. I’m loving every bit of it, and I still have a ton of places to explore and see in the city! I just visited Marysville and loved it. It was an amazing place to go on a picnic and it was full of incredible scenery. There were waterfalls, a wonderful park in the middle and we were able to do a barbeque - it was great!

Fun fact about you

I have a strong passion for sports, and during my academic years, I was quite athletic. I actively participated in numerous on-field and off-field games, earning several medals for my achievements. In addition, I excelled in playing Ringtennis at the state level. 🏃

When did you start in LegalTech?

This is my first time working in the LegalTech, and everything is new to me. I started in December 2021, and I had no idea what this industry was before working with Xakia. But it has been amazing to work with it all so far, and using a matter management software has been a tremendous learning experience. I'm expecting there will be a much more to learn in the future!

What do you love about LegalTech?

Matter management, cross-team collaboration, task management, document management and so much more. I think LegalTech is constantly evolving and adapting new technologies to help make in-house legal teams work more efficient and faster. And working in this industry and learning all these new things is just amazing, I look forward to more great things to come.

What do you love to see in a successful in-house legal team?

A successful legal team consists of people who work well together, plan strategically, communicate clearly with one another, and take initiative to handle small issues before they grow into bigger ones.

Why work at Xakia?

Our team and work culture are AMAZING. We take care of each other, and that’s very important. The second thing is the legal matter management software itself; I get to learn so many new things and it's so robust and user friendly. Our customers' happiness with the product shows how amazing it is, and that makes me feel so great.

My top Xakia tips

Utilise 'AutoTasks', it's a game changer if you have repeated tasks/key dates for similar matter kinds. Simply set it up once and you can load all the tasks at once for relevant matters. You can also assign the responsible person and set reminders. It increases efficiency without having to create identical tasks over and over again.

My second Xakia tip: if a colleague has left the organization, utilise Card View to transfer their matters by dragging across the swim lanes; you just need to filter by user type.

A matter management solution for in-house Legal Departments

If you would like to learn more about the Xakia legal matter management software, get in touch with the team today for a demo.

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