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Coca-cola Amatil Case Study

October 2, 2019 Jodie Baker
Reporting should be more than a necessary evil: It’s an opportunity to connect with your Legal Department’s stakeholders and share critical information. This series will address the art and science of reporting by audience. In short, who needs to know what? In the final installment, we will look at the Legal Department itself.
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LegalTech by the Numbers: In-House Lawyers Share Wants, Needs and Pain Points

July 31, 2018 Jodie Baker
Since Xakia launched the Legal Operations Health Check, in-house counsel on five continents have completed the online assessment. Two months later, their responses provide a quantitative look at the real state of legal operations in departments of all sizes.
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Success Factors for Implementing LegalTech

July 12, 2018 Jodie Baker
The best legal technology can be doomed to fail without a purposeful plan for the human beings who will use it. Here are tips for securing leadership support, fostering user involvement….and overcoming your lawyers’ skepticism.
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Legal Tech & Small Departments

June 27, 2018 Jodie Baker
Legaltech isn’t just for large law departments. Learn how three small legal teams deployed technology to find efficiency and time savings.
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In-House Legal Data Analytics

Interested in legal data analytics but not sure where to start?

This eBook will give you a simple, visual understanding of what you can do first - and easily - to get started.

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