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JERA chose Xakia to empower its legal team with at-a-glance insights to optimize its resources and improve efficiency.


JERA is one of a Japan's largest energy companies and has assets worth roughly 4 trillion yen (US $36 billion). Its approach to the energy business is comprehensive, from fuel procurement to power generation, to the delivery of electricity and gas to customers. The company’s mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions to the world’s energy issues.


Prior to every team meeting, a manager would ask each employee to fill out a Microsoft Word template with their tasks, cases, and issues they were facing. Then, they’d meet collectively to discuss the information. That free-form text file was JERA’s only method to monitor workloads and spot issues.

“Gathering enough data to run an efficient and effective meeting was impossible,” said Shozo Miyata, an assistant manager in the Legal Department.

“The information will reflect what an individual wants to convey, but there is always a gap in the information that management wants to know,” he said. “In order to meet a common goal or understanding about the work, it takes a considerable amount of time.”

Because each person approached the Word document in different ways, the topics discussed in team meetings varied widely. And beyond the difficulty assessing individual workloads, it was “very hard to get a clear picture of the whole picture,” said Sawako Ohgi, general manager for the Strategic Legal Unit.

Ultimately, the team lacked visibility as to JERA’s legal needs, with no way to measure the volume of legal work, the resources needed and the time spent on various requests. That made it tremendously difficult to prioritize and to allocate resources effectively. 


The Legal Department leaders wanted a visual way to consolidate seemingly amorphous data and glean concrete insights. They sought a true understanding of the type, volume and complexity of team members’ work, as well as deadlines, to effectively assign projects and determine future workforce needs. For quarterly reports to upper management, they wanted to offer streamlined assessments of their work, including the number of projects and corresponding risk levels.

JERA’S need coincided with Xakia Technologies introduction of its modern matter management platform Xakia, in the Japanese language. Deputy General Counsel Angela Yuen said,

“The team considered peer products with similar features but ultimately chose Xakia for its legal intake tool, as well as customization options and the ability to accommodate multiple languages.”

Xakia now serves as the central hub for the Legal Department. The dashboard displays active matters, showing the originating department; risk level; and type, size and complexity of the work. Project loads and deadlines are available at a glance, and individuals can use the Card View feature to manage all of their tasks and deadlines. 


Xakia has transformed decision making and resource allocation for JERA’s legal group.

Managers use the Xakia dashboard to quickly make informed decisions, such as assigning work to a particular in-house resource or outsourcing it. Department meetings run more efficiently because project information is consistent and clear, and managers can easily explain decisions by pointing to the shared data. The visual display transforms data and analytics into an easy-to-understand format.

“It has many operational benefits,” Ms. Yuen said. “From a management perspective, we can go into a centralized system and search and find information about what lawyers are engaged, and monitor deadlines without having to bother the specific individual.”

Quarterly reports to upper management have become simple, convenient, and effective. From a strategic perspective, the data informs decisions about recruitment, training and development.

“I love the dashboard, but I also love running the reports,” Ms. Yuen said. “I love playing with the different filters and then seeing what I can produce and then what information I can draw from the data that has been entered. I find that quite fulfilling … I’m very proud of our team and what we are doing.” 

The Xakia platform is available in multiple languages including English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Danish, Dutch and Portuguese (Brazil). If you would like to learn more about our legal matter management software, speak to the Xakia team today or sign up for a demo or 14-day pilot.





Features used
Matter Management
Matter Management
Intake & Triage
Intake & Triage
Dashboards & Reports
Dashboards & Reports
Administrative time saved
Administrative time saved
Multiple languages accommodated
Multiple languages accommodated
Clear reporting to inform resourcing
Clear reporting to inform resourcing
Simple, convenient and effective quarterly reports
Quarterly reports to upper management have become simple, convenient, and effective.
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JERA testimonial - legal operations efficiency


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