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Legal Operations White Paper

Legal operations can be daunting for small and medium law departments. Understandably so. What if you don’t have enormous resources? Legal operations may be even more important in a smaller department – and there are many solutions that can be scaled to work with your budget and body count.

12 Steps to Smarter Legal Intake & Triage

The complete guide to legal intake, ticketing & triage! The Xakia team has created a field guide to make legal intake accessible for Legal Departments of all sizes and lawyers of all backgrounds.

Best In Class In-House Legal Reporting

Regular, reliable and clear communication with your internal clients and stakeholders is essential. We recognize that creating different reporting formats can sound formidable. We’re here to help: our guide white paper and see clear instructions for content, cadence and delivery – and handy examples. 

In-House Legal Technology Roadmap

This white paper covers key questions about why you should have a technology roadmap and how to define the composition of your roadmap and build in line with goals and priorities. Most importantly, it includes an in-house legal technology roadmap template.

What’s the Real State of Legal Operations – and What Does It Mean for You?

From April 2018 to July 2020, the Health Check was used by 349 Legal Departments in 37 countries - the result, a significant volume of aggregated data about the state of legal operations. These 80+ pages contain the complete findings in the form of data, charts, and insights, along with practical advice for legal departments to improve their efficiency and operations.

Ten Steps to a Smarter Legal Budget

This white paper includes 10 steps to ensure your budget will help you shape the department that is right for building your team. Most importantly, our Legal Budget White Paper includes a Legal Budget template so that you don't need to start with a blank spreadsheet.

In-House Legal Data Analytics for Beginners

Data and metrics can be extraordinarily powerful in shaping an in-house legal team. But it can be overwhelming. Every Legal Department can take very simple steps to collect, collate and leverage data to inform decision making about resourcing and prioritization of work. Harness this power today. This field guide makes legal data analytics accessible for ALL Legal Departments.

Snapshot: Legal Operations Health Check Webinar

How does your Legal Department compare to other teams in your industry? Teams of similar size? Teams across Europe, the Middle East and Africa? Explore the findings from the Legal Operations Health Check in this in-depth webinar featuring insights from Norton Rose Fulbright, Ascertus Limited, and InvestCEE LegalTech Consultancy.

LegalTech - Measure You Return on Investment

It’s critical to know the return on investment of your legal technology projects – and we’ve made it easy to calculate. Enter information about your department, costs and projected savings, and Xakia will prepare estimated ROI and payback and send it to you in a format you can use for your business case.

Build a Legal Department Strategic Plan in 1 Hour

Legal Departments are so often buried in work that it’s hard, if not impossible, to pause and contemplate strategic projects. However, without a strategic plan, your Legal Department will be trapped under 'busywork' and unable to accomplish meaningful improvements or demonstrate value. Build your Legal Department strategic plan to immediately enhance your service delivery.

Take Your Legal Team Remote Today

In the face of a pandemic or any other 'disaster', closing an office is a safe, responsible tactic to thwart contagion. But what do you do when the work doesn’t stop? How do you continue functional legal operations management when no one can report to the office? Here’s what to do now to prepare for a quick transition to a virtual Legal Department.

Nine Steps to a Legal Department Strategic Plan

You don’t need a week-long retreat or a three-inch binder to create a Legal Department strategic plan. Here are nine steps to create a straightforward but purposeful plan that will fit on one page, so that in the year ahead, you can easily reference and execute it – then measure and report on your success.

Agile 101: A Guide for Lawyers

The Xakia team has created a field guide for the application of Agile to in-house legal departments, a style of working that has now been adopted from organizations in nearly every industry, from manufacturing to the military.

Client Delight Webinar

Client satisfaction ≠ client delight. But why does client delight matter to in-house legal teams? What are the fundamentals of ‘client delight’ and what are 3 quick wins to improve the client experience for internal clients? Tune in to a discussion about the important role of client delight for in-house legal teams.


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