No more spreadsheet headaches to manage your workload and deadlines

Transform your in-house legal department with a cloud-based matter management platform that drives productivity and improves collaboration.

Painless yet powerful, Xakia removes the need for endless excel spreadsheets and clunky, scattered data — providing a holistic view into your matters, tasks, deadlines, documents, and budgets while creating informative, data-driven dashboards for full visibility across individual and team workloads. 


The teams who want results, trust Xakia:

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Optimise the efficiency and impact of your in-house legal team


Visibility over all legal matters
No more spreadsheets or Post-it Notes! Track all your legal matters and critical information in one central location.

save time

Save time and improve productivity
Collaborating with your team and internal clients is easy. No more back and forth on emails or delays gathering instructions.

data analytics

Data-driven insights
Save hours in your day with easy-to-read, interactive dashboards and automated reports. Share reports with key stakeholders and show the value of your legal department.


We play nice with
other tech
We make life easier by connecting to your broader tech ecosystem, including Outlook, Gmail, SharePoint, iManage, NetDocuments and more.

Instant visibility and control over all legal matters

See through the 'noise' and remain in control of what’s happening across your legal department with the Xakia legal matter management software.

  • Track legal work for instant visibility
  • Search and find information quickly
  • Manage legal team workloads
  • Reclaim your time - enter matters in < 30 secs
  • Multi-lingual platform in 7 languages - perfect for global legal teams

legal analytics and reports

It’s time to use legal data analytics to prove the value of legal

Now, if the thought of creating your next monthly report from scratch fills you with dread, you’re not alone! Xakia’s interactive dashboards and reports do all the heavy lifting for you from day one – no extra time required in your day. No more messing around with spreadsheets.

  • Understand your work profile to maximise ROI
  • Deliver informative reports to stakeholders 
  • Generate an instant business case for new recruits

Manual reporting was a ridiculous way to do things… The team was happy to move to Xakia straight away, it was a no-brainer.”

Deputy General Counsel

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legal data analytics and reports

It’s a game changer! The legal request forms eliminate the inefficiencies of clients emailing requests to the wrong lawyer and the ensuing back-and-forth exchanges that occur.”

Tunisia Poole, Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel


Xakia has had tremendous benefits in helping our legal team prioritise and report – not sure how we worked without it!"

Sean Power, General Counsel, Bluescope Buildings




Legal Intake & Triage

Spend less time trying to sort through emails/spreadsheets/word docs etc – have everyone send through their requests in legal intake so you can keep track.

  • Receive and review clear, complete instructions 
  • Assign to team members in seconds
  • Improve service delivery
  • Keep internal clients informed

You can use Xakia with or without legal intake, but when you are ready to take this step, your clients and your team will feel empowered to request, receive and resolve legal requests efficiently and effectively.

Get started in minutes.

legal intake and triage
man using laptop in office

Legal spend management for small & large teams

Receiving and approving invoices is a headache... but it doesn't have to be.  With Xakia, you'll receive a real-time understanding of where you spend money. Plus, we keep it simple, yet powerful:

  • Record and track matter budgets
  • Receive, review, approve and reject invoices
  • Real-time analytics

Streamline your processes to eliminate guesswork, unwanted surprises and understand how your Legal Department is spending money - whether your external spend budget is tiny or huge.


Download your free guide to Best-in-Class Legal Reporting

What should In-House Legal reports include? Who are the critical audiences to receive your legal reports? And most importantly, how do you demonstrate the value of the Legal Department to your organization?

Don't just take our word for it

"Xakia is about optimizing our resources and improving the efficiency in our operations through strategic insights. We can now see what work is coming in, from what department, the type of work, the volume of work, the complexity of the work, the risk assessment, and that is really helpful for us because it helps us to allocate our resources."

Sawako Ohgi, General Manager 
Strategic Legal Unit, Legal Group, JERA



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