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Xakia is cost-effective, legal matter management software for in-house legal teams of any size, any industry, located anywhere.

No more spreadsheets to manage your workload and deadlines - move to a simple, secure, cloud-based platform.

Use powerful analytics, interactive dashboards, and reports to make data-driven decisions for effective and efficient resourcing of legal work. 

Seriously simple legal technology for in-house legal teams; optimize the efficiency of your legal department in < 1 hour. 

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Legal Matter Management

Legal matter management

Managing hundreds or thousands of new legal matters every year?  General Counsel and Legal Leadership can take back control:

  • track legal work for instant visibility

  • search and find information quickly

  • manage legal team workloads with ease


Xakia’s legal matter management software tracks all your legal matters in one clear, secure, searchable and central location - accessible wherever your team decides to work.

Saving you significant time, prioritize (and de-prioritize!) your tasks by creating, viewing and updating your matters in under 60 seconds from your desktop, tablet or inbox.

Manage your day and report outcomes to your key stakeholders with confidence.

Legal Intake & Triage

Legal intake and triage

For your clients, legal intake is the first impression of your service; for your Legal Department, legal intake, ticketing & triage is the first step in a streamlined matter process:

  • Receive & review clear, complete instructions 

  • Assign to team members in seconds 

  • Keep internal clients informed 


You can use Xakia with or without legal intake, but when you are ready to take this step, your clients and your team will feel empowered to request, receive and resolve legal requests with efficiency and effectiveness. 

Legal Spend & External Counsel Management

Legal spend management

Receiving, reviewing and approving invoices from law firms is a headache. Achieving clear and complete data to inform your Legal Team financial planning is complicated.

Achieve real-time understanding of where you spend money with our simple legal spend management workflow:

  • Record and track matter budgets

  • Receive, review, approve and reject invoices

  • Real-time analytics


Streamline your processes to eliminate guesswork, unwanted surprises and understand how your Legal Department is spending money.

Legal Data Analytics & Reporting

Legal data analytics

Easy-to-read, interactive dashboards and reports enable effective and efficient resourcing decisions for an effective and impactful legal department. 

  • Understand your work profile 

  • Deliver informative reports to stakeholders 

  • Make data-driven decisions 


Clear, reliable data at your fingertips is critical to running a healthy and profitable Legal Department. Xakia's real-time analytics enable you to effectively manage your team's capacity, budget and clearly communicate with your clients. 

Xakia allows us to monitor and keep track of all ongoing matters with ease and efficiency. Team collaboration is enhanced by having matters centrally located and easily accessible from any location. The ability to produce tailored reports in real time has been a great asset to the team.

- Medibank Private

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Legal Tech + Enterprise Integrations

Legal technology hub

We integrate out-of-the-box with a plethora of best-in-breed business and legal technologies to bring all your tools into a single hub:

  • avoid duplicating and triplicating your information
  • seamless and non-interruptive to your workflow
  • works with and for you, not against you
  • focus change where you need it, not for the sake of it


Whether you want an all-in-one system, or integrations with your existing investments, Xakia can accommodate your needs with our open API and self-configurable integrations.


Safe & Secure Legal Technology

Legal Information Security is paramount

At Xakia, we combine enterprise-grade security features with comprehensive audits of our software applications, systems, and networks to ensure your and your business data are always protected:

  • application security
  • independent audits
  • secure development
  • human resource security


For more information, request a copy of our information security pack.

You can transition to a streamlined
Legal Department in < 1 hour.

With Xakia, your in-house legal team can:
Move beyond spreadsheets
Provide visibility to your business clients
Deliver beautiful reports to your stakeholders
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Multi-lingual legal matter management

Are you a global company with multiple languages and users?

No worries - Xakia offers its platform in English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Danish, Dutch and Portuguese (Brazil).

And your platform can be configured to offer more than one language so that all your internal clients and legal team members operate in their language of choice.

Speak to us today, or contact one of our regional partners for more information.

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We don't just sell you beautiful, easy-to-use legal software.

Our mission is to help your Legal Department maximize its impact and to be truly connected with each other, your internal clients and your key stakeholders.

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Flexible pricing that scales both up and down

Whether you are a small team looking for an all-in-one solution, or a large team who wants to integrate with existing tools, we have the solution for you.

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