Best-In-Class Legal Reporting:

Audience, Content and Cadence

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What should in-house legal department reports include? Who are the critical audiences to receive your legal reports? And most importantly, how do you demonstrate the value of the Legal Department to your organization?

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The importance of in-house legal reporting

Reporting about the work of your Legal Department is an opportunity to connect with your stakeholders, articulate, analyze and share critical information and demonstrate your value.

But who needs to know what, exactly? When should we tell them and how should they receive the information?

Various stakeholders will have different needs and preferences and will require legal analytics, qualitative information and reports tailored to their specific requirements.

Legal reporting can do more than raise your profile and chart your activity. It can help you to understand the facts, shape strategies for addressing legal or business weaknesses and form the foundation to build stronger ties throughout your organization.

Legal department reports for different audiences

Your stakeholder groups have different responsibilities, different needs and different preferences, and they deserve legal reports tailored to their specific context.

Our expert advice and sample corporate legal department reports focus on five critical audiences:

  • Business Units
  • CEO
  • Board of Directors 
  • Legal Department
  • Legal Department Management 
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Content of Legal Department Reports

Understand the needs of your audience and what makes them tick. Then make sure the content of your legal reports are customized to better engage their interest and display the Legal Department's value in monitoring, achieving and reporting on, stakeholder goals.

It's important to ensure that you're prioritizing the content that is most relevant to the interests of your target audience. 

This could include your reporting leaning toward legal matters themselves, budget, resourcing, risk profiles or strategic value, depending upon the audience you're targeting and their key concerns.

Cadence for sending in-house legal reports

Cadence is all about the method of reporting based on your audience type.

Different audiences require a different communication rhythm or cadence. These factors change in accordance with the needs of the different audience groups.

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Use legal reporting to better connect with your stakeholders

Best-In-Class Legal Reporting - Download your guide now

Reporting is an opportunity to connect with your stakeholders. It gives you an opportunity to articulate, analyze and share critical information and demonstrate your in-house legal team's value.

Download our white paper now to learn how to deliver legal reports tailored to specific audiences.

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