In-house legal analytics dashboards & reporting

Easy-to-read, interactive legal analytics dashboards and reports. Our legal analytics software enable you to make effective and efficient resourcing decisions.

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Empowerment through data-driven insights

Access to clear and reliable legal data and analytics at your fingertips is critical to running a healthy and profitable legal department. Whether you need to deep dive into detail, or stay high level, Xakia's real-time legal analytics software enables you to effectively manage your team's capacity, budget and clearly communicate with your clients. Data is presented in easy-to-read dashboards, enabling you to prioritize mission-critical projects and identify process efficiencies.

Make informed, data-driven decisions without spreadsheets - Xakia's legal matter management software automates the entire data collection, crunching, and visualization process for you without adding additional time burdens.

legal data analytics software - make informed decisions

vicinity centres

“Xakia provides us with real time visibility on the workload and competing priorities of our legal department.
We have found it to be a critical tool for resource allocation purposes and optimizing team efficiencies...X
akia enables us to numerically substantiate how the legal team actively contributes towards the company’s strategic goals and key metrics.”

GM Corporate Legal

Instant access to insights – no background in math, science or engineering required

  • Provide quick, visual understanding of critical legal department data points
  • Be client-centric and prioritize accordingly
  • Easily identify and fix efficiency gaps
  • Report to key stakeholders with confidence
  • Make decisions informed by solid, real-time data and analytics
  • Manage and track success of specific initiatives
legal analytics software - dashboard
no more manual paper lists with a legal matter management system

The municipal government, The City of Overland Park, KS, uses matter management to track its workload and simplify its reporting

“The ability to automate quarterly reports has reduced that time investment for compiling performance metrics from over a week to just one day.”

Tammy Fisher, Legal Support Administrator
The City of Overland Park

This could be the start of something great

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Some commonly asked questions about our legal analytics software

Why do I need to use a legal analytics software?

Legal analytics can help your in-house Legal Department:

  • Show your value to the organization
  • Improve your legal budget – it can help forecast your financials and refine your legal operations
  • Measure KPIs
  • Control and manage legal spend
  • Prioritize workload
  • Analyze trends
  • Highlight areas for improvement – streamline or automate manual processes
  • Quickly ascertain and explain the organization’s current risk profile

Check out our blog to learn how a full department legal reporting can deliver many benefits to your team. This blog highlights how smart, regular legal reporting to key stakeholder can help you.

Our legal data analytics reports and dashboards will help you make informed decisions. To learn more about our matter management software, speak to the team today about a demo.

I don’t have a large Legal Department – do I still need legal analytics?

Yes, absolutely! Regardless of team size, all in-house legal teams want to provide the best service to their organizations in an efficient and effective way. There are a few practical solutions that in-house Legal Departments – whether you're a team of 1 or 1,000 can use to boost performance and ROI – and they all start with legal analytics.

Get a demo today and learn how our legal analytics software works.

It’s too complicated! I’m not good with maths.

Our legal analytics dashboards and reports are easy to read and understand – no advanced degree in statistics required. We recommend you check out our eBook – Legal Data Analytics for Beginners. It aims to make legal analytics accessible to all Legal Departments and shows you how to collect, apply and share legal analytics.

I have to report to different stakeholders – will your legal analytics software help me with that?

Yes! Legal reporting gives your Legal Department the opportunity to connect and share critical information with your stakeholders.

Download our white paper – Best-In-Class Legal Reporting for recommendations on content, cadence and delivery for your Legal Department reports. It also includes example documents for all stakeholder audiences.

Best of all, our legal analytics software can automate these legal department reports. Get attractive, actionable reports – without adding to your to-do list or spending hours trying to compile reports for your different stakeholders.

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