Simple and Powerful Legal Intake & Triage for In-house Teams

Simple to use for clients. Powerful for your legal team. Affordable for your budget, with no hidden costs.

That's right! No additional cost for your internal business requesters.

legal intake software
legal intake software - client portal

Legal Intake Essentials Made Simple

Xakia is the only simple, powerful, and affordable legal intake and triage system.

Clients can easily submit requests, while automation and self-service options streamline your legal processes.

Xakia's collaboration portal ensures seamless communication, and silent data collection offers valuable insights for optimized workflow and budget efficiency.

legal intake & triage software - internal client portal

A Powerful Experience You Can Afford

Set up your legal intake system within minutes for an instantly improved request process for your business clients.

With a single front door for all legal requests, customized workflows, and fast submission processes, you ensure a smoother experience for all stakeholders.

Capture the necessary information efficiently for quick turnaround and easily assign requests with simplicity and speed.

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Self-Service Tools Your In-house Team Will Love

Our legal software for corporate Legal Departments can cut through the chaos with business self-service. 

Xakia automatically generates documents and routes them either directly to your business users for a zero legal-touch experience or to the Legal Department for review and approval, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in document handling.

Empower your business partners with our Frequently Asked Questions feature, allowing them to quickly find accurate answers to common queries, saving time for both parties.

Learn about AutoDocs

A Beautiful Client Portal

Go seamless in collaboration between your corporate Legal Department and internal clients with our legal workflow management software, going beyond mere instruction reception.

Our platform offers a single legal front door for clients, allowing them to easily submit and track requests for updates, documents, and delivery. 

Bonus: no hidden costs/charges

An unlimited number of internal business clients can be added to the Internal Client Portal.

There is no additional fee for internal business clients to use the Internal Client Portal.

internal client portal for legal requests

Axiom Medical

Using Xakia's streamlined legal intake process and internal client portal have been so much more efficient for me.”

Chuck Kable
Chief Legal Officer
Xakia - Legal intake analytics software

Understand Your Legal Intake With Powerful Analytics

The data collected during the legal intake process is essential for improving Legal Department productivity.

With Xakia's legal analytics software, easily understand business demand, monitor changes, analyze requests, identify bottlenecks, and showcase work volume and turnaround times.

Unlock Legal Intake & Triage In the Xakia Toolkit

Don't Let Your Team Fall Behind

Xakia’s cloud based in-house legal software instantly delivers time savings and improves the process for all stakeholders.
receive complete information with legal intake software
Receive complete information the first time
No back-and-forth for clarification that delays projects and turnaround times.
central legal matter management system
One platform to receive legal requests
Receive legal requests in a structured, reliable and easy-to-read format.
faster assignment of legal requests with a legal matter management software
Faster assignment of requests to the team
Match the legal request to capacity and capability and fast track legal work delivery.
matter management is simple with a legal intake software
Matter creation is seamless
Remove double handling or manual updates, ensuring all information is tracked in a central legal matter software.


“When using Xakia, average days to completion [of legal requests] reduced by 73%.”

Megan Isaacson
Legal Operations Manager

We Offer the Only Legal Toolkit for In-house Teams

Simple, powerful and affordable legal operations software. Manage your matters, legal spend and more from one cloud based in-house legal toolkit.

Stay Ahead with Xakia. We're Simple, Powerful & Affordable.

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Some commonly asked questions about our legal intake & triage software

Why do I need to use a legal intake system?

Being a trusted advisor and business partner is an essential component of success for Legal Departments. Bringing all parties together for a streamlined process to submit, review and resolve legal work is critical to achieving this goal. Xakia’s legal intake and matter management solution instantly delivers time savings and improves the process for all stakeholders.

An inefficient intake process, such as emails, verbal requests or paper documents can be overwhelming and stressful. An effective legal intake system helps improve service delivery and happier clients. Check out our blog to learn more about the benefits of a legal intake software, including saving your legal team time, lower stress, improved performance and more.

With clear visibility into all legal requests, you can easily triage, prioritize and assign work to the right resources.

If you would like to learn more about our matter management tools, reach out to the Xakia team for a demo.

What is the Xakia Internal Client Portal?

The Xakia Internal Client Portal is perfect for end-to-end collaboration. It acts as a single ‘front door’ for your internal clients and ensures that the Legal Department is not a ‘black box’ for legal requests.

The Xakia Internal Client Portal:

  • Saves time and effort
  • Removes unnecessary noise
  • Fosters collaboration between the corporate legal department and internal clients

If you would like to see our legal operations software in action, get in touch with the team for a demo.

What are the benefits of using your Internal Client Portal?

Some of the key benefits of the Xakia Internal Client Portal include:

  • Increased visibility of the end-to-end journey of legal work
  • Increased visibility into all incoming legal requests
  • Less time spent in email
  • Less time spent going back and forth with multiple questions trying to gather all the necessary details
  • Reduced turnaround times

If you would like to learn more about our legal intake software or how the Internal Client Portal can help your Legal Department, get in touch with the team at Xakia today for a demo.

Is there an additional fee to use Xakia’s Legal Intake & Triage tool?

No – legal intake is available on all our subscription plans. You can learn more about our plans here.

Do I have to pay for my internal clients to use the Internal Client Portal?

No! The good news is you can have unlimited internal business clients use the Internal Client Portal at no additional fee!

Please note: the Internal Client Portal is available on the Advance plan – you can view our pricing to learn more.

In-House Legal Teams Never Fall Behind with Xakia

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