Spend management for in-house legal teams

Achieve a watertight understanding of where you spend money with our simple legal expense management tool. Or integrate with your existing eBilling system. Either way, you’ll enjoy full transparency and there are no spend caps.

Xakia Legal Spend Management for In-House Teams - matter management tools

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Xakia Spend Management demo - matter management software

Avoid legal budget blowout with spend management software

Receiving, reviewing and approving invoices from law firms can be a headache. Achieving clear and complete data to inform your in-house legal team financial planning and reporting can also be challenging.

Xakia’s simple legal expense and spend management software allows you to streamline your processes to eliminate guesswork, unwanted surprises and understand how your Legal Department is spending money.

Our legal spend and counsel management software helps clients to:

Eliminate guesswork
Reduce admin
Enjoy real-time budget management
Rate external resources on metrics that matter
Gain increased visibility on spend with our robust reporting tools

legal expense and spend management software


“Matter tracking and organization is particularly beneficial to small law departments, because of its added functionality over the old-school method of using spreadsheets… We can also save time by loading the invoices into our matter-tracking system as opposed to individually tracking legal service invoices.”

Benefits of Xakia's legal spend management software

increased transparencyIncreased transparency
Keep track of all invoices submitted. Easily review, approve or reject invoices from one cloud based legal software.

take control of costsTake back control
Keep track of costs to date vs estimated costs, forecast trends and make data-driven decisions with our legal reports.

one cloud based legal matter management softwareOne central location
Control and manage legal spend from one convenient cloud based legal management software - no spend caps!

save time with legal matter management softwareLess admin
Reduce the time required to process invoices with configurable billing guidelines for external resource compliance.

legal spend management - invoice approval workflows
legal spend management is easy with legal matter management software

Simplify the management of your in-house legal budget

Xakia’s spend management solution allows in-house legal teams to manage spend and outside counsel from one centralized cloud based matter management software. In-house legal teams will enjoy improved transparency and easily manage and monitor spend from external resources. 

  • Receive, review, approve and reject invoices from your external resources
  • Configure invoice approval workflows
  • Track legal matter estimates vs actual spend
  • Real-time financial data in interactive dashboards and detailed reports
  • Flexibility to analyze external expenses by division, category, law firm and more
  • Clear and powerful analytics to surface information about resource engagement and efficiency
  • Easily integrate into your existing eBilling platforms to limit disruption or extend your functionality

Xakia Connect for external resources

External resources will enjoy access to ‘Xakia Connect’. This portal allows external resources to:

  • Receive legal work invitations from clients using Xakia
  • View selected information about the legal matter with the ability to add notes
  • Upload and manage invoices
  • Manage user access
  • Confirm compliance with client billing guidelines

Bonus - no hidden costs/charges:

  • For your external resources to use or get added to Xakia Connect
  • When you surpass a certain overall external resource spend
Xakia Connect - external resource portal
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“In a rapidly changing environment, adopting a simplistic, easy to implement and innovative matter management system such as Xakia was a top priority for us.

Sawako Ohgi
General Manager, Strategic Legal Unit, Legal Group

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Take control of your legal spend with Xakia

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Some commonly asked questions about our legal spend management system

How can your spend management software help me?

A single source of truth

Engage in a discussion with the external resource on the invoice for transparent team collaboration and a complete audit trail from one centralized location.

Get rid of manual approval routing

Save time and replace paper- or email-based manual approvals with Xakia’s spend management tool. You can easily configure legal invoice approval workflows, delegated authority limits and multi-level approval workflows in Xakia’s matter management system.

Reduce your admin

Configure permission settings in the Xakia matter management software to allow your external resources to manage user and matter access in our free external resource portal – Xakia Connect.

Speak to the team today for a demo if you would like to learn more about our legal spend management software.

What plan is expense & budget management tool available on?

Our legal spend management software is available on the Plus, Advance and Professional plans. See our pricing page for more details.

What is Xakia Connect?

Spend less time dealing with admin work. Your external resources can receive legal work invitations from you, upload and manage their invoices, manage user access and more in Xakia Connect. To learn more about the external resource portal, speak to the team today for a demo.

What plan is the external resource portal available on?

Xakia Connect is available on the Plus, Advance and Professional plans. See our pricing page for more details.

Is there a limit on the number of external resources using Xakia Connect?

No! There are no additional fees for your external resources to use Xakia Connect. They can sign up for an account today! To learn more, get in touch with the team today.

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