Powerful Legal Spend Management 

Xakia is the answer for in-house legal departments wanting a foolproof grasp on their legal spend management.

Simple, powerful, and affordable, it guarantees a watertight understanding of your legal expenditures without any caps, hidden fees or 'clip of the ticket'. 

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In-House Teams Who Trust Xakia

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Simplify Efficiency with Xakia's Legal Spend Management 

Save Time, Cut Admin: Simplify invoice processing with our clear, straightforward approval workflows, drastically cutting down on administrative tasks. 

Set Clear Guidelines: Quickly establish billing guidelines for law firms, effectively eliminating unnecessary expenditures. 

Control Costs: Gain immediate insight into your matter and department budgets for superior financial management. 

Analyze Spend: Leverage interactive dashboards and generate stunning reports to not only visualize but also effectively communicate spending trends to the CFO. 

save time less admin with legal spend software
Reduced Admin
Reduce time required to process invoices with simple, clear approval workflows.
increased transparency with a matter management system
Clear Guidelines
Set billing guidelines for law firms in minutes to address unnecessary spend.
keep track of spend with legal spend management software
Cost Control
Real-time visibility over matter and Legal Department budgets means better spending.
legal spend analytics
Spend Analytics
Interactive dashboards + beautiful reports to visualize spend (and report to CFO).

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“Xakia has truly revolutionized the way the team work. It has replaced the limitations of Excel with a powerful, all-encompassing solution.”

David Mather
Global Compliance Coordinator - Sales Finance

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Master Your Legal Budget with Precision 

Xakia’s spend management solution revolutionizes how corporate Legal Departments oversee their budgets and manage outside counsel.

Our centralized, cloud-based legal toolkit ensures real-time control and visibility, simplifying spend management across individual matters, departments, and law firms to prevent budget overruns and enhance compliance. 

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Access Powerful Legal Spend Analytics

Xakia turns budget management challenges in Legal Departments into opportunities for optimization.

With real-time financial dashboards and detailed analytics, it simplifies spending analysis and decision-making.

This not only boosts efficiency and ROI but also ensures CFOs have the insights they need for strategic alignment, making Xakia an essential tool for streamlined legal operations.

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Plus, Integrate Seamlessly with Xakia Connect 

Xakia Connect revolutionizes the way law firms, external counsel, and corporate Legal Departments collaborate. This portal simplifies engagement on the Xakia platform, enhancing spend management and transparency. Users can easily accept legal work invitations, manage matter details, streamline invoice compliance, and facilitate communication with direct discussions and permission management.

Transparent Pricing - No Hidden Fees: 

  • Free for your law firms to use Xakia Connect. 
  • No surprise fees, even if your external counsel spend exceeds a spend threshold ie. no 'clip of the ticket'.  
  • Enjoy a single, straightforward subscription rate that remains unaffected by your outside counsel expenses. 
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Simple, Powerful, Affordable Spend Management.

Spend Management FAQ

How can your spend management software help me?

A single source of truth

Engage in a discussion with the external resource on the invoice for transparent collaboration and a complete audit trail from one centralized location.

Get rid of manual approval routing

Save time and replace paper- or email-based manual approvals with Xakia’s spend management software. You can easily configure legal invoice approval workflows, delegated authority limits and multi-level approval workflows in Xakia’s matter management system.

Reduce your admin

Configure permission settings in the Xakia legal matter management software to allow your external resources to manage user and matter access in our free external resource portal – Xakia Connect.

Speak to the team today for a demo if you would like to learn more about our legal spend management software.

What plan is spend management available on?

Xakia's simple and powerful legal spend management software is available at all subscription tiers, making it affordable for all teams, whether you are 2, 20 or larger.

See our pricing page for more details.

What is Xakia Connect?

Spend less time dealing with admin work: your external resources can receive legal work invitations from you, upload and manage their invoices, manage user access and more in Xakia Connect.

To learn more about this portal for your law firms, speak to the team today for a demo.

What plan is the external resource portal available on?

Xakia Connect is available on all subscription tiers and there is no additional fee for external resources and law firms to use the portal.

Xakia is committed to simple, powerful and affordable in-house legal software for all teams.

See our pricing page for more details.

Is there a limit on the number of external resources who can register and use Xakia Connect?

No! There is no limit to the number of external resources or law firms who can sign up and use Xakia Connect.

Plus, there are no additional fees for your external resources to use Xakia Connect. They can sign up for an account today! To learn more, get in touch with the team today.

Is there a cost to use Xakia Connect?

Nope. It's as simple as that.

  • No additional fees/charges for your external resources or law firms to get added or use Xakia Connect
  • No additional cost to you as a Xakia client
  • No limits on fees or invoices submitted

We aim to make legal matter management solutions affordable and accessible to all. We believe in helping legal teams of all sizes work as efficiently and effectively as possible. That's why Xakia Connect is available on all our subscription plans. You can view our pricing page to learn more.

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“In a rapidly changing environment, adopting a simple, easy to implement and innovative matter management system such as Xakia was a top priority for us.

Sawako Ohgi
General Manager, Strategic Legal Unit, Legal Group

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