Connecting all your LegalTech systems

An open API architecture means you can seamlessly integrate Xakia with other software in your LegalTech ecosystem. Enjoy seamless and automated business workflows without the stress or hassle.

Xakia integrations with other legal technology solutions

Set your legal team up for success

The days of sticky notes and endless to-do lists are over. Xakia’s all-in-one in house legal software organizes your data, tools, and information in one place, so nothing slips through the cracks.

We have out-of-the-box integrations with a wide range of LegalTech providers, including document management, e-billing, email, workflow, and more.

Seamlessly connect to our existing legal software integration partners, or utilize our APIs and connectors to integrate with others.

Avoid duplicating and triplicating your information

Seamless and non-interruptive to your workflow

Works with and for you, not against you

Focus change where you need it, not for the sake of it

Will connect to your preferred legal software ensuring you remain in control


“Xakia has provided us a clean, user-friendly and effective way to track the matters our team works on. The integration with Net Documents is seamless – a critical feature for us. We have found the Xakia team to be great listeners, agile developers, and keenly interested in meeting their clients’ needs. Xakia has become a key foundation of our legal technology architecture.”

Group General Counsel
matter management and document automation solutions

Integrate with best-in-breed document management software

Many in-house legal teams rely on a Document Management System (DMS) to securely organize documents, files, email, and other data and face many challenges associated with storing and sharing files.

Using Xakia for your legal matter management, you can integrate with NetDocuments, iManage, or SharePoint, right out-of-the-box, to maintain a single source of truth for all your matters and documents.

Giving you back time with automation

Work smarter, faster, and free up time resources previously dedicated to manual tasks with out-of-the-box integrations with Ironclad, Checkbox, or Josef or use APIs for your own automation tools.

All information and documents captured in your automation platform will seamlessly flow into Xakia's legal matter management software for a single source of truth, enabling you to track, manage and maintain a full 360 view of your legal operations. 

legal operations software - save time
legal spend reports - matter managements software

Track your expenses with eBilling

Xakia’s legal spend and external counsel management tool enables you to record and track legal matter budgets, and receive, view, approve and reject invoices from your business clients or external law firms.

If you have an existing eBilling system such as Brightflag, Xakia seamlessly integrates to it out-of-the-box to ensure consistency of data. Easily open legal matters in Brightflag and pull your costs-to-date directly into Xakia for holistic reporting.

Stop wasting time in your inbox with our email integrations

Xakia offers easy and time-saving ways to search, create and manage matters in your Microsoft Outlook or Gmail inbox. 

The Xakia Outlook or Gmail add-on is easy to install, and you can be using it within minutes.


legal matter management software - integration with email
team collaboration with Xakia legal integrations

Streamline and improve collaboration

Improve team co-ordination and gain greater visibility to all legal matters with our communication and chat integrations, including:

Microsoft Teams


Streamline and improve collaboration between the Sales and Legal Teams. Our Salesforce legal matter management integration will ensure your sales team can collaborate with the legal team to request and resolve deal-related legal requests efficiently and effectively, making deal closing faster.


Save time with single sign-on

Sign in to Xakia one time, every time through Azure Active Directory, Okta, ADFS, and more.

in-house legal matter management software
matter management and contract management tools


“The old ways of working were just not going to cut it. Web-based was a very important consideration for us. Integration with document management was essential for people.”

Kerryn Saric
General Counsel

This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship

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