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In-House Legal Teams Who Trust Xakia


Simple Matter Management 

Simplify Legal Matters, Documents, and Deadlines 

Ever lost crucial hours searching for a single document or missed a deadline? Our matter management platform simplifies it all for efficient and effective in-house legal teams. 

Track work, manage tasks, and find documents - fast. Elevate your legal team's efficiency. 

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Vaughan Reed

"Xakia has been life changing, centralizing everything into a single workspace."

Vaughan Reed | General Counsel
Affinity Group


Powerful Legal Intake & Triage 

Power Your Client Satisfaction

Facing client frustration with missed instructions or delayed task assignments? Our Legal Intake & Triage system revolutionizes the process.

Receive and assign legal requests with precision, offer client self-service through automation, and ensure seamless collaboration.

Automated updates enhance transparency, making every legal request a breeze to manage for both your team and your clients.

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Chuck Kable

"Xakia has saved me hundreds of hours of work."

Chuck Kable | Chief Legal Officer
Axiom Medical

legal spend management software

Affordable Legal Spend Management 

Unlock Affordable, Real-time Spend Management

Xakia’s Spend Management system removes surprises, offering crystal-clear insight into your spending with real-time analytics.

From tracking matter budgets to managing invoice workflows and enforcing billing guidelines, gain complete control.

And no, we don't take a 'clip of the ticket' on your law firm fees.

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Xakia Contract Lifecycle Dashboard

Contract Repository at Your Fingertips

Contract Lifecycle Management Simplified 

Our all-in-one platform effortlessly organizes your contracts from intake to lifecycle events, ensuring approval workflows are streamlined and critical information is always at your fingertips.

Just ask Kate Sherburn from Who Gives A Crap, who found clarity and control over contract key dates with Xakia. Simplify your contract management today. 

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Kate Sherburn uses contract management software

"Xakia’s contract management has meant our contract info is all in the one place, and we have visibility over our contract key dates"

Kate Sherburn | Head of Legal Who Gives A Crap

legal automation - AutoDocs

Automate Legal Processes for Operational Efficiency

Powerful Legal Automation Made Easy 

Xakia’s AutoDocs and AutoTasks revolutionize your legal operations by automating routine tasks, and standard documents, freeing up time for what really matters.

With our easy-to-use platform, you can create documents with minimal effort, empower your clients for self-service, streamline processes, and gain valuable insights to maximize your resources. Transform your legal department's efficiency with Xakia. 

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