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Xakia understands your need for efficiency. We exist to make legal operations easy, through matter visibility, legal intake, contract workflow, litigation management, spend & budget control, analytics, documents and more.


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Visibility over matters & spend

"Xakia has provided us a clean, user-friendly and effective way to track the matters our team works on."
- Boral

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Save time and feel in control

"Xakia has saved me hundreds of hours of work."

- Axiom Medical

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"It's a game changer! [We are] using real-time analytics to make data-informed decisions."
- Southwire

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Super easy adoption for all users

"Xakia is very intuitive, easy to use, adaptable."
- Opportunity @ Work

Instant visibility and control over all legal work

Take back control:

  • Track legal work for instant visibility
  • Search and find information quickly
  • Manage legal team priorities for more impact
  • Reclaim your time - save hours for every member of your team
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Legal Department spend management

Streamline your processes to eliminate guesswork, unwanted surprises and understand how your Legal Department is spending money:

  • Record and track matter budgets
  • Receive, review, approve and reject invoices
  • Set up invoice approval workflows
  • Send approved invoices to your accounts team
  • Real-time analytics about resource engagement and efficiency

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Legal Intake & Triage

Spend less time trying to sort through long-thread (but incomplete!) email instructions – receive legal requests via a super-simple, but structured legal intake system so you can keep track.

  • Receive and review clear, complete instructions 
  • Assign to team members in seconds
  • Empower clients with self-service auto-docs creation
  • Improve service delivery
  • Keep internal clients informed

You can use Xakia with or without legal intake, but when you're ready to take this step, your clients and your team will feel empowered to request, receive and resolve legal requests efficiently and effectively.

Get started in minutes.

legal intake and triage software
legal analytics software

It’s time to use legal data analytics to show the value of legal

If the thought of creating your next monthly report from scratch fills you with dread, you’re not alone! Xakia’s interactive dashboards and reports do all the heavy lifting for you – no extra time required, no more messing around with spreadsheets.

  • Understand your work profile to maximize ROI
  • Deliver impressive and informative reports to stakeholders 
  • Generate an instant business case for new recruits


Quarterly reporting used to take over a week. Now it takes just one day.

Tammy Fisher
Legal Support Administrator, The City of Overland Park

legal analytics software


Xakia has had tremendous benefits in helping our legal team prioritize and report – not sure how we worked without it!

General Counsel, BlueScope


Quarterly reporting used to take a week. Now it takes just one day.

Tammy Fisher
The City of Overland Park, KS


Xakia is really user-friendly... you can tell it’s been put together by a legal team who do this stuff day in and day out.

General Counsel, Movember


Xakia has saved me hundreds of hours of work.

Chuck Kable
Chief Legal Officer, Axiom Medical


I liked that it was user-friendly… Change is very constant in our industry, and not having to rely on IT support or help desk tickets was huge for us.

Megan Isaacson
Assoc. Director, Legal Operations, Syneos Health


The visibility over our legal workload has changed fundamentally with Xakia.

Jiří Pařík
Data Protection Manager, Škoda Auto

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