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Xakia is an in-house legal department matter management system that centralizes your data, technology tools and information in one place - your legal 'hub'.


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The Xakia legal hub was created for in-house legal teams to centralize data, tools and information, automate administrative tasks and gain holistic insight into their operations.


Our easy-to-use and implement solution includes:


Matter Management

Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets and track all your legal matters (however they are resourced) in one clear, central location. Xakia's intuitive tool allows you to easily create and update matters, manage projects and report outcomes to key stakeholders. discover more
Matters List
expense management

Dashboards & Reports

A picture is worth a thousand words. Data visualization brings your legal work to life through interactive dashboards and automated reports, allowing you to improve visibility to outcomes and identify potential efficiencies in workflow and resource management. discover more

External Fee Management

Eliminate guesswork and surprises when it comes to your budget. Xakia’s in-house legal software helps you receive and track invoices and better understand how your organization is spending money - for each matter, business unit, work type and across your entire legal function. discover more
Legal Intake & Triage

Legal Intake & Triage

Simplify business and compliance processes by empowering your in-house clients to seek legal assistance through our ticketing and triage system and quickly match the appropriate resource with the request, assign and keep your clients informed. discover more
Legal Intake & Triage
Logs & Libraries

Logs & Libraries

Whether you have specific information you need to capture about disputes, contracts, or knowledge, we have a range of features that will help you track and analyze key metrics through our Logs & Libraries.
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Logs & Libraries
Matters List
Legal Intake & Triage
Logs & Libraries

The Xakia Hub

LegalTech should be easy. We’ve made it easier.

Let Xakia be your in-house legal team hub to connect and coordinate all of your technology in one place. We make it simple to interface with your existing solutions, like document management, e-billing and more so that your team has easy access to all of the tools they need without having to hop from one solution to the next. Keep your current technology investment viable, we just help you take it to the next level. 

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Our Commitment To You


Protect Your Data

We know security of your data is your number one priority. It's ours too.

On-Call Support

Our humans are ready to answer any questions you have or troubleshoot any issues 24/7/365.

Predictable Pricing

We are always transparent in our pricing models so that you are never surprised.
Four Steps to a Safer, Saner Legal Department

4 steps to optimize your in-house legal department

Create an account.

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Enter your matters.

Xakia’s easy-to-use software takes 30 seconds or less to enter a matter.

Real-time legal data analytics.

Immediately see analytics that will help you control budget, manage resources and build a more productive team.

Show Legal Team value

Automated reports eliminate boring, but necessary, administrative tasks and demonstrate the value of the Legal Team to the organization.


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In-House Legal Data Analytics

Download our free eBook: The Xakia team has created a field guide to make legal data analytics accessible for Legal Departments of all sizes and lawyer of all backgrounds: In-House Legal Data Analytics for Beginners.

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We do the work. You get the credit.

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