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A simple and intuitive legal matter management software

At Xakia, we believe that all in-house legal teams - regardless of size - should have access to simple and cost-effective matter management tools. In-house legal matter management software should be available across the entire legal ecosystem to help streamline and automate legal processes and increase efficiency and productivity amid growing responsibilities.

Xakia was created in 2016 in response to a widespread research project to understand daily demands on in-house legal team management. A comprehensive list of in-house needs specifically around legal matter management led to the building of Xakia and continues to inform the user-designed approach to its functionality.

Xakia was built with a pure focus on legal in-house needs and remains the core driver: to build beautiful matter management software for corporate legal departments. 

We're proud to have been named as one of the 19 Representative Vendors listed in the 2021 Gartner® Market Guide for Corporate Legal Matter Management, a 2022 Legal Technology Trailblazer by The National Law Journal and named as an Excellence Awardee in the Legal Service Provider of the Year category for the Australasian Law Awards 2022.

The best legal matter management software,
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Jodie Baker - Group CEO of Xakia legal matter management

About Jodie Baker, Founder & Group CEO of Xakia

Founder & Group CEO Jodie Baker draws on her own experience as an in-house lawyer and drives the vision of giving corporate legal departments the legal matter management tools they need to improve visibility, reporting, and efficiency improvements.

Jodie is an innovator and business builder who founded Xakia to solve a gap in the market for simple, powerful and affordable in-house legal software.

Xakia now has clients across five continents, and it is a female-led company, with headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, and Kansas City, USA. 

What does Xakia mean?

Xakia/Zakia (Ză: ki: äh)

Sakia is the name of a Persian water wheel capable of considerable efficiency in collecting and distributing water.

In-house legal teams, akin to a sakia water wheel, must collect information, requirements and risk, process them through a funnel of knowledge and experience and dispense solutions in the most efficient manner possible.

Legal resources are often spread extremely thin but must ensure all parts of an organization are considered in the application of skill when delivering solutions.

In an ever-expanding regulatory landscape, legal departments must constantly find new, inventive ways to address the demand on their time.

Enter Xakia.

Empowered with simple, clear legal department intelligence (aka. legal data analytics), in-house legal teams now have the capacity to understand their legal function and instantly identify opportunities for efficiency gains and productivity improvements.

Implementing efficiencies leaves room for further understanding and identification of the next opportunity to optimize your team. And so, the circle of efficiency loops and continuous improvement begins to turn - just like a water wheel.

Meet the Xakia team

Our leadership team ensure Xakia is always evolving and everything is built with the customer experience in mind.
Xakia team

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Be a
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