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Automate your workflows and data intelligence.

Leverage the latest technology to work smarter, not harder and put your resources where you will get the greatest impact.

Xakia will show you how.

“Xakia's AutoDocs has provided immense value by helping our team automate and streamline standard letters and documents, saving our team hours of time and limiting the risk of using the wrong language or templates in our documents.”

Jennifer Smith-Sutphin

City of Greensboro
AutoDocs - automating simple document templates

Automate Your Document Creation

Do you find yourself completing simple document templates over and over again? 

With Xakia, you can establish templates and automated document assembly within minutes:

  • Receive legal intake requests with draft documents attached OR
  • Set up requests to automatically return completed documents to your business for zero human touch
  • Capture key information throughout your matter management workflow for powerful legal data analytics
legal analytics software - capacity dashboard

Resource Your In-house Matter Management

With Xakia you can:

See capacity: intelligent management dashboards show you where there is capacity within your team across a wide range of risk / priority / complexity metrics and across time frames. 

Match to legal intake requests: review legal matter requests from your business within the context of capacity to appropriately assign and manage matters.

legal analytics software - pro reports - delivery

Automate Your Insights with Pro Reports

You didn't go to law school to be a data analyst. Intelligent insights need to be simple AND fully automated to show:

Delivery: how is your legal team delivering on its work, taking into account the business importance and nature of the work itself.

Prioritization: how is the legal team prioritizing work, including a clear profile of high risk/priority work and insights on how it could or should prioritize more effectively.

Resourcing: how is the legal team resourcing its work across internal, external and automated resources, with insights on how it could or should resource more effectively.

The best matter management software, worldwide

Legal data intelligence means automated insights

Unlock Our Toolkit. Stop Falling Behind.

Other essential in house legal matter management tools

Matter management and visibility are central to your success. Xakia's matter management software incorporates these other tools in one cloud based legal software.

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