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Whether you're a team of 2 or 20, you're swamped with matters, deadlines are tight, and transparency seems like a distant dream. At Xakia, we understand the pains of in-house counsel.

Find out how we unlock clarity and efficiency in a competitive landscape.

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Don't Let the Chaos Hold Your Team Back

Managing legal matters feels like navigating a stormy sea. The endless flood of emails, the daunting task of tracking progress, and the challenge of managing resources efficiently can leave even the most organized teams feeling overwhelmed.

Legal Matter Management Built for In-House Teams.

Enter Xakia: your lighthouse in the storm. Our legal toolkit is designed with one goal in mind - to simplify your legal operations while amplifying your team’s capabilities.

Every matter is neatly organized, insights into resource allocation are just a click away, and reporting is no longer a dreaded task - it’s a powerful tool for strategic decision-making.


Our team has been thrilled to be using Xakia with feedback, such as “I LOVE IT”.” Good design is hard, and the Xakia team has built a great platform.

John Lee
Vice President, Legal Services, Legal Counsel and CPO



Simplicity at Its Core

We believe in keeping things simple. Xakia strips away the complexities of legal matter management, offering a user-friendly platform that anyone in your team can master in no time.

Gone are the days of navigating through complicated in-house legal software.

Welcome to a tool where technology actually makes things easier.

Powerful Insights Unleashed

Simple doesn’t mean basic. Xakia is a powerhouse of features and functionalities.

From intuitive dashboards that offer a panoramic view of your legal landscape to detailed analytics that unearth valuable insights, our solutions are designed to give you the edge.

Make informed decisions, optimize your resources, and drive your legal team to new heights of efficiency.

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Affordable Integrations That Work Where You Work

Our matter management software integrates with best-in-breed business and legal technologies to bring all your tools into a single online legal toolkit.

Stop wasting time in your inbox or with spreadsheets. Let Xakia integrate with your broader technology ecosystem to make life easier. 

Transform Your Legal Operations with Xakia

Don’t let the chaos of no legal matter management hold your team back.

It’s time to embrace simplicity, unlock powerful insights, and enjoy unparalleled affordability with Xakia.

Join the ranks of satisfied legal teams who have transformed their operations with our solutions.

Discover a smoother, more efficient path to in-house legal management excellence.

Xakia has saved me hundreds of hours of work!

Chuck Kable
Chief Legal Officer, Axiom Medical

axiom medical

chuck kable - axiom medical
Secure in-house legal software

Information Security

We combine enterprise-grade security features with comprehensive audits of our legal software applications, systems, and networks to ensure you and your business data are always protected.

ISO27001 Information Security Management System Certification
SOC 2 certificate
HIPAA compliant

Embrace Simple, Powerful, Affordable. Embrace Xakia.

Ready to revolutionize your legal operations? Get in touch with us at Xakia, and let’s chart a course to a simpler, more powerful, and affordable legal management solution. Your team deserves the best tools to succeed - and with Xakia, that’s exactly what you’ll get.