Legal operations software to optimize the efficiency & impact of your in-house legal team

Xakia's intuitive and easy-to-use in-house legal hub will immediately streamline your legal workflow, from request to completion.

Set up in minutes - not months - and see the improvements in your legal team's productivity today.

legal matter management software

Four pillars to streamline your legal workflow management

Struggling with the growing demands on in-house legal teams? We understand. This is why we have designed a powerful AND affordable in-house legal software to help you stay on top of growing workloads. Built specifically for in-house corporate Legal Departments, our cloud based matter management software can provide you with an experience like no other.


Track all your legal work - contracts, disputes and more - in one central location to take back control of workloads and prioritization.



Streamline your legal intake. Provide automated self-service document creation for your business. Build an intake form today.



Keep control of your legal budgets in real time with simple receipt, review and response to invoices. Build approval workflows in minutes.



Quickly demonstrate the value of your Legal Department to your stakeholders with our beautiful, powerful dashboards & reports.


legal analytics software
Instant visibility with a single source of truth

Legal Matter Management

Xakia brings together all your matter, document and contract management tools in a single interface. Simple, fast legal matter management software that removes the pain of spreadsheets to manage workloads, deadlines, and reporting.

Brief, triage, track, collaborate, search, store and report on all legal matters and documents with a centralized cloud based legal management software.

Built specifically for corporate in-house legal departments:

  • Get better visibility on all legal work
  • Improve team collaboration & productivity
  • Available in 7 languages

Our team has been thrilled to be using Xakia with feedback, such as “I LOVE IT”.” Good design is hard, and the Xakia team has built a great platform.

John lee
Vice President, Legal Services, Legal Counsel and CPO


Streamline delivery and outcomes

Legal intake and triage

No more back and forth with multiple questions that delay projects and turnaround time. Our streamlined legal workflow management software ensures a better user experience for both the internal business client and the corporate legal department.

Automate document assembly with auto-docs: streamline self-service delivery, or speed up the first document draft, you won't have to do busy work form-filling ever again!

  • Swiftly match resources with incoming legal requests
  • Improve collaboration with your business clients
  • Watch turnaround times shrink immediately
legal intake and triage - legal matter software

A leading in-house legal department software, worldwide

legal spend management with a matter management software
Gain budget control and full transparency

Legal spend & external counsel management

Do you battle with invoice approvals via email?

Stress less with Xakia's legal spend management tool. Receive invoices from your law firms and external counsel in a simple, clear process to review and respond, before auto-forwarding to your finance system.

Achieve a watertight understanding of where you spend money with our powerful, easy-to-implement legal spend management tool.

  • Set up invoice approval workflows in minutes
  • Automate the export or email of approved invoices
  • Have real-time visibility over your legal spend

Xakia has saved me hundreds of hours of work!

Chuck Kable
Chief Legal Officer, Axiom Medical

axiom medical

chuck kable - axiom medical
Empowerment through insights

Powerful in-house legal data analytics, right out-of-the-box

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual data entry!

Xakia's powerful reporting and legal data analytics software provides a quick, visual understanding of critical data points, such as volume or type of work, demand from within your business, distribution across your legal resources and much more.

  • Real-time legal analytics to manage your team's capacity and workload
  • Make informed, data-driven decisions with confidence
  • Share reports and keep stakeholders and your legal team in the loop with key insights and trends
legal data analytics software

This could be the start of something great

Xakia integrations with legal technology tools
We play nice with other LegalTech products


We integrate with a plethora of best-in-breed business and legal technologies to bring all your tools into a single online legal hub.

Stop wasting time in your inbox or with spreadsheets – we can connect to your broader technology ecosystem to make life easier for you.

Secure in-house legal software

Information security

We combine enterprise-grade security features with comprehensive audits of our software applications, systems, and networks to ensure you and your business data are always protected.

ISO27001 Information Security Management System Certification
Best Practice

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