Optimize the efficiency and impact of your in-house legal team

From legal matter management to legal data analytics to help you make informed data-driven decisions, Xakia is your dedicated In-house Legal Hub for connected and impactful teams, regardless of size, industry or location.

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Be more efficient with the Xakia legal matter management software

Xakia brings together all your matter management tools in a single interface and removes the pain of spreadsheets to manage workloads, deadlines, and reporting.

Our in house legal software is available in English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Danish, Dutch, and Portuguese (Brazil) - making it the only multi-lingual legal matter management system available in the market.

A centralized cloud based legal management software
Built specifically for corporate in-house legal departments
Get better visibility on all legal matters
Affordable and scalable
Help optimize the efficiency and productivity of your in-house legal team
Perfect for global companies with multi-lingual needs

Instant visibility and control over all matters

Legal matter management

Brief, triage, track, collaborate, search, store and report on all legal matters and documents from one clear, central cloud based legal software.

legal matter management software

save time with our legal matter management softwareSave time
Capture key legal activity data in under 60 seconds, so you can focus on the important things.

improve productivity with online legal matter management systemImprove productivity
No more back and forth on emails or delays.

team collaboration is easy with online legal workspaceIncrease collaboration
Collaborating with your team is easy with a single source of truth on one matter management software.

Streamline delivery and outcomes

Legal intake and triage

Easy to use for clients and your in-house legal department, swiftly match resources with incoming requests via our legal ticketing and triage system.

No more back and forth with multiple questions that delay projects and turnaround time. This streamlined matter management workflow ensures a better user experience for both the internal business client and the corporate legal department.

legal intake and triage - legal matter software

A leading matter management software, worldwide

Empowerment through insights

Powerful legal data analytics software to lead in-house legal teams

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual data entry! Xakia's powerful reporting and legal data analytics software provides a quick, visual understanding of critical data points and enables you to take action on what’s happening in the moment.

legal data analytics software

legal data analytics reporting for in-house legal teamsReal-time data
Access real-time analytics to effectively manage your team's capacity, budget and clearly communicate with your clients.

make informed data-driven decisions with legal data analytics softwareMake informed decisions without spreadsheets
Identify any efficiency gaps and fix them right away. Make data-driven decisions with confidence.

share and collaborateShare and collaborate
Share relevant reports and keep key stakeholders and your legal team in the loop about key insights and trends.

Gain budget control and full transparency

Legal spend & external counsel management

Achieve a watertight understanding of where you spend money with our simple legal spend management tool, or integrate it with your existing eBilling system.

Eliminate guesswork and unwanted surprises and easily manage eBilling or external counsel spend from one cloud based legal software.

legal spend management with a matter management software

This could be the start of something great

Proactive management of risk

Case management has never been easier with Dispute Logs

Identifying and managing risk is a key responsibility of the Legal Department in any organization. With Xakia’s Dispute Log, you can capture critical information for specific disputes, which is automatically aggregated into dashboards and reports to share with key stakeholders at any time.

Capture key information

Class actions, limitation periods
Parties, key dates and more
Financial information including claim accounts, risk and insurance cover

Dispute data and dashboards

Aggregate information
Identify patterns of risk and escalation
Share details with stakeholders

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Xakia integrations with legal technology tools
We play nice with other LegalTech products


We integrate with a plethora of best-in-breed business and legal technologies to bring all your tools into a single online hub.

Stop wasting time in your inbox or with spreadsheets – we can connect to your broader technology ecosystem to make life easier for you.

Secure legal matter management

Information security

We combine enterprise-grade security features with comprehensive audits of our software applications, systems, and networks to ensure you and your business data are always protected.

ISO27001 Information Security Management System Certification
Best Practice

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