Simple, Powerful, Affordable Collaboration

Xakia Connect is a modern and intuitive cloud-based portal that enables law firms & external resources to work with Xakia clients more efficiently to submit invoices and track costs against matter budgets.

No limits on fees or invoices submitted. No cost to law firms. No additional cost to clients.

Xakia Connect - external resource portal
legal matter management software - external resource management

A Fully Connected Legal Management Ecosystem

Hundreds of corporate Legal Departments, non-profit and government legal teams use Xakia's legal matter management system to manage their legal work, including:

Xakia Connect provides law firms and external resources with a fully connected system to streamline the invoicing process and provide full transparency across external counsel spend.

Xakia Connect - view all expenses and upload invoices easily

One Central Cloud Based Platform for External Counsel

With an easy-to-use interface, Xakia Connect allows law firms and other external resources to: 

  • Receive legal work invitations from clients using Xakia's matter management software
  • Upload and manage invoices
  • Track matter costs against budgets
  • View and confirm compliance with client billing guidelines
  • Manage user access

No hidden costs or charges to use Xakia Connect!

Best of all, there is:

  • No limit on fees or invoices submitted
  • No cost to law firms or other external resources to use
  • No additional cost to Xakia clients

It's a win-win for everyone!

Xakia Connect - manage invoices in external resource portal - billing guidelines

Simple Expense Management

Law firms are able to view all historic, invoiced expenses in Xakia Connect, with:

  • A single source of truth for all expenses
  • Track expenses to date vs estimated costs
  • Streamline the invoice management process
  • Confirm compliance with billing guidelines
  • Comply with invoice submission restrictions for budget and date of submission
  • Ensure invoices can be reviewed by clients in real-time
  • Communicate with clients and view comments on approved/rejected invoices 

The Only In-house Legal Toolkit

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Xakia - legal spend management software - understand spend with legal analytics

Powerful Tools for Clients and Law Firms

Enjoy improved transparency and easily manage and monitor spend so there are no surprises for law firms or clients. Clients love that they can:

  • Easily keep track of costs to date vs cost estimates
  • Streamline and reduce manual processes
  • Reduce invoicing errors with billing guidelines
  • Engage in invoice discussions for transparency and a complete audit trail
  • Reduce invoice processing time with approval workflows
  • Streamline many time-consuming administrative processes

Unlock Spend Management in the Xakia Toolkit

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