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Xakia History

Jodie Baker

DSC_2495Jodie Baker, founder and CEO of Xakia Technologies, began her career at a law firm and quickly found her passion for in-house counsel, where her entrepreneurial spirit was ignited and joined a global financial services corporation as corporate counsel for investment banking, private wealth and funds management. She then had her first taste for entrepreneurship, joining a start up in the financial services sector and moved to the US.


In 2012, Jodie returned to Australia to begin her own entrepreneurial journey where she architected and launched Hive Legal, a company with a distinctly different approach to legal practice. As Managing Director, Jodie was responsible for building, managing and developing the firm’s unique business practices.


Throughout her career, Jodie saw in-house legal teams struggling with burdensome administrative tasks where the only technology solutions to ease the burden were unaffordable to most. That’s why, in 2016 Jodie founded Xakia, an in-house legal department matter management system that centralizes information and automates dashboards, reporting and legal data analytics.


Jodie’s passion to give in-house counsel greater visibility and control to their legal operations is the driving force behind Xakia. Jodie’s passion and commitment to law is evident in her involvement with various organizations in the community and legal industry. She currently serves as the advisory board co-chair of The College of Law Australia’s Centre for Legal Innovation and is the chairperson for the Australian Legal Technology Association (ALTA).


Jodie earned her BA/LLB from the University of Melbourne and graduated from the FINSIA (Securities Institute of Australia) program in 2003.


In her free time, Jodie loves traveling, hanging out with her kids and – when time permits – sleeping.

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