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Video: Build your Legal Department Strategy in 1 hour on 1 page

February 20 2019 by Jodie Baker

Legal Departments are so often buried in work that it’s hard, if not impossible, to pause and contemplate strategic projects. However, without a strategic plan, your Legal Department will be trapped under 'busywork' and unable to accomplish meaningful improvements or demonstrate value. 

We teamed up with NetDocuments and Lawyers On Demand to run an online workshop to assist legal departments. The workshop is recorded, so you can follow along and complete your strategic plan too.

Watch this video to build your Legal Department strategic plan in a simple, clear format which will immediately enhance your service delivery.

  • Take 9 steps to achieving a Legal Department Strategic Plan
  • Complete your Strategic Plan in the 1-hour workshop
  • Guided by professionals who work with Legal Departments every day
Watch the Video

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