8 steps to your legal department strategic plan

Build your in-house legal department strategic plan on a page. Legal Departments that proactively plan will be far better positioned to thrive.

Best of all, there's no need for a week-long retreat to create an impactful and actionable strategic plan.

Download our legal department strategic plan template now to get started!

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Download the legal department strategic plan guide and template

Are you ready to get started on your Legal Department goals and objectives and have a clear strategic direction for the year ahead?

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What is a Legal Department strategic plan?

Your in-house legal team strategic plan will:

  • Start with a mission, values and issues (why you exist)
  • Define a set of clear goals and objectives for the future
  • Detail the steps and strategies by which your team will achieve those goals

Strategic planning has been recognised as an important tool in enhancing organizational performance and productivity. 

Buried under work? Having difficulty finding time to plan for your in-house team's future? You are not alone.

In-house Legal Departments are so often buried in work that it’s hard - if not impossible - to pause and contemplate strategic projects.

And that was before a global pandemic that increased the workload for 76.7% of Legal Departments, according to the Altman Weil’s 2020 Chief Legal Officer Survey.

Legal departments need an easy and efficient way to plan for the future. That's why we've created an eight step process to help you build a simple, tailored legal department strategy plan on a single page.

Download our white paper and template now to get started with your Legal Department strategic plan!

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More than 40% of in-house counsel said they were typically too busy “fighting fires” to achieve long-term goals.

FindLaw Corporate Counsel survey

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Getting on top of your strategy

Why you need a Legal Department Strategic Plan

Every General Counsel needs a simple but effective in-house Legal Department Strategic Plan, one that doesn't require a week-long retreat, or a three-inch binder to get you back on track to:

  • Accomplish meaningful improvements in Legal Department processes
  • Find operational adjustments that enhance service delivery (AND your quality of life)
  • Demonstrate the legal team's value to the greater organisation

Our white paper covers eight steps to create a straightforward but purposeful plan that will fit on one page. In the year ahead, you can easily reference and execute it – then measure and report on your success.

8 Steps to a Legal Department Strategy Plan

Get your strategic plan up and running and optimize the efficiency and impact of your in-house legal team

gather your intel

Gather your intel

think long term

Think long-term

think short term

Think short-term

major missions

Major missions

strategic objectives

Strategic objectives

define success

Define success

commit to tactics

Commit to tactics

share your plan

Share your plan
Download your free legal strategic plan and template now

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Without a strategic plan, your in-house Legal Department may find it hard to accomplish meaningful improvements or operational adjustments that could enhance not only your service delivery, but your quality of life.

Download our white paper and legal strategy template, as we outline the eight steps to follow to create a straight-forward and purposeful strategic plan - no week-long retreat required!

Complete your details now and download the white paper and legal strategy template to get started.

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