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Benchmarking survey and practical tips

In 2018, we launched the Legal Operations Health Check – a 100-question survey tool, to help in-house lawyers evaluate the health of their departments and plan operational improvements.

From 2018 to 2020, the Health Check was used by 349 legal departments in 37 countries. In addition to providing them with individual evaluations and benchmarks, the Health Check aggregated a significant volume of data about the real state of legal operations.

Xakia ebook - legal operations health check

The Legal Operations Health Check sheds important light on what’s happening (and just as informative, what’s not happening) in teams of all sizes, from all industries, across the world.

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Download our eBook now and learn practical tips to help improve your legal operations.

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About the Legal Operations Health Check

If you're working inside Legal Departments now, you'll find benchmarks, practical advice and maybe a little reassurance. For those of us supporting legal operations, this data provides invaluable context about our clients’ priorities and areas for improvement.

If you have been relying on anecdotes or assumptions about legal operations, the Health Check will help you do exactly what our field is about:

  • Get the data
  • Study and analyze it
  • Make a plan

Legal Operations Health Check categories

The Health Check looks at the following categories and offers practical tips for:

  • Workflow management
  • Legal team management
  • External resource management
  • Financial management
  • Data analytics
  • Knowledge management
  • Technology tools
  • Communications
  • Legal work streams
  • Strategic planning
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What should Legal Departments do next?

The Legal Operations Health Check eBook will provide you with some insight and ideas (and perhaps a little reassurance).

Don't be overwhelmed by the idea of achieving immediate maturity across all 10 categories tomorrow. You can achieve considerable return on investment with a conservative approach and a few small steps.

Just begin!

While we as an industry, have come a long way since the formal launch of the legal operations discipline in 2010, we still have a long way to go.

The industry’s most practical look at legal operations

Download the eBook now to learn practical tips to improve your legal operations

This eBook shares the complete findings from the legal operations health check survey, along with practical advice for Legal Departments looking to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

Download the eBook now to learn more.

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