Legal operations software for corporate legal departments

Having a legal operations program can help your in-house counsel control costs, identify efficiencies and improve performance. We know every in-house legal department is different, but legal operations can help organizations across all industries better manage the business of law.

legal operations software

With legal operations, you can:

legal matter management software

Streamline matter management processes

Centralizing legal information has never been so important. Having a clear, central list of legal requests, assignment and deadlines in one matter management system will give all members of your corporate legal department - remote or centralized - visibility to manage their work and communicate risk to the business.

legal analytics software for legal departments

Show how in-house legal counsel are supporting corporate objectives

Keep your legal team focused on legal matters that support and impact company priorities. Then, show your value through legal data analytics that speak the language of your internal clients.

legal spend management - control your budget

Control your budget

Actively managing and tracking your budget in real-time with a legal spend management tool means you can adjust resources and projects to support your priorities.

legal analytics software - legal reports

Create faster and more meaningful reports

Remove the burden of administrative tasks by automating the process and produce analytics reports that your organization’s leadership can easily understand with legal analytics software.

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Workflow management

Success identifiers:

  • Standard, central information collection from one cloud based legal software
  • Triaging of work through one or more legal contact points
  • “Self-help” tools such as frequently asked questions on your organization's intranet

Useful resources:

How can Xakia's legal workflow management software help?

  • A single, central source of truth
  • Automate legal intake and triage
  • Assign work and communicate with your clients easily
  • Easily collaborate with your internal clients

In house legal team management

Success identifiers:

  • KPIs align with organization and team strategy
  • Continuing legal education opportunities
  • Development plans that support individual growth in areas that are of benefit to your organization

Useful resources:

How can Xakia's legal matter management software help?

  • Track the strategic value of your legal matters
  • Automated analytics for career development

External resource management

Success identifiers:

  • Identified quality and value
  • Developed strategic relationships

Useful resources:

How can Xakia's legal matter management software help?

  • Track firm use
  • Robust legal analytics to show effectiveness
  • Access to Xakia Connect - a cloud-based portal for external resources to manage matters, users and invoices

Financial management

Success identifiers:

  • Budgets set and monitored for individual engagements
  • Documented and enforced billing guidelines
  • Tracked annual legal budgets to ensure the root cause for any overrun is understood in order to introduce initiatives to rectify the overrun

Useful resources:

How can Xakia's cloud based legal software help?

  • Track legal matter and department budgets
  • Receive, approve and reject invoices from your external resources via our spend management tool
  • Automate legal analytics for clear, real-time visibility
  • External resources have access to a portal - Xakia Connect - to upload and manage invoices, manage their users and matter access

Legal data analytics

Success identifiers:

  • Captured legal data is automated into simple formats for sharing with key stakeholders
  • Decision makers utilize data to understand the Legal Department
  • Resourcing decisions are data driven

Useful resources:

How can Xakia's legal analytics software help?

  • Surface who/what/when/why data in real-time
  • Make informed, data-driven decisions without spreadsheets with our legal analytics software
  • Automated dashboards and
  • Clear, automated legal reports

Knowledge management

Success identifiers:

  • Access to free law firm and alternative legal service provider publications
  • Use of free online knowledge services
  • Availability of up to date precedent documents
  • Making sure people know their team members’ areas of expertise

Useful resources:

How can Xakia's legal matter management system help?

  • Identify lessons learned
  • Legal analytics to capture improvements

Technology tools

Success identifiers:

  • External consultants have analyzed your needs to provide recommendations
  • Implemented technology tools strategically fit business needs

Useful resources:

How can Xakia's legal matter software help?


Success identifiers:

  • Current Legal Department work and resourcing is effectively communicated
  • Business unit executives receive established reports to understand where the Legal Department is providing support
  • Senior executives/boards receive reports that highlight key work and risk areas being managed by the Legal Department

Useful resources:

How can Xakia's legal matter management software help?

  • Data at your fingertips for communication with your stakeholders
  • Automated, off-the-shelf legal reports for every audience
  • Custom reports built for your needs

Legal work streams

Success identifiers:

  • Resource intensive work is data-validated from a risk or strategy perspective
  • Capture data on critical work streams relevant to your business
  • A developed playbook for approvals in order to manage risk


How can Xakia's matter management software help?

Strategic planning

Processes to consider:

  • Strategy is tailored to the unique business context, goals, risks and operating environment
  • High value impact areas are clearly identified making the purpose of the work clear

Useful resources:

How can Xakia's legal operations software help?

  • Track the strategic value of work
  • Use Data Analytics to identify strategic - and non-strategic - work

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"The visibility over our legal workload has changed fundamentally with Xakia. The platform gives us a full overview of our internal clients, matters and status updates and it becomes particularly useful when tracking litigation cases."

Jiří Pařík
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