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Xakia was created for in-house legal teams

Automate administrative tasks and gain holistic insight into the who/what/when/why of your operations.
You can get started in just 1 hour with our easy-to-use matter management software.
Xakia is your one-stop hub for all of your legal technology. We make it simple to interface with your existing platforms, while empowering your team to proactively manage projects, budgets and priorities directly within Xakia.
Prove the value you bring to your organization through our automated reports.
Check out some of the features of our technology.

Matter Management

Xakia tracks all your legal matters with our intuitive tool that allows you to create, view and update matters in under a minute, project manage and report outcomes to key stakeholders.


  • is working on this matter?
  • is requesting this matter?
  • is resourcing this matter?
  • is paying for external fees?
  • are the parties involved?


  • is it about?
  • sort of work is it?
  • is the legal content?
  • is the complexity?
  • is the resource intensity?


  • is this work required?
  • are the deadlines?
  • are the key dates?


  • does this work advance strategic goals?
  • does this staffing make sense?


The days of sticky notes and endless to-do lists are over. Xakia’s single interface organizes your matters, including tasks and deadlines, to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Capturing key data provides you with powerful information to identify opportunities to more effectively deploy resources, increase productivity and minimize risk.

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Dashboards & Reports

Ever wonder who is your most active internal client? How about the value of that work? Or the average turnaround time on a project? Xakia in-house legal software can answer all of these questions and more.

With just a touch of a button, you can pull customized reports for your team that go into deep detail or more high-level reports for your company’s leaders.

All of the information you need is presented in an easy-to-read dashboard, helping to ensure you are prioritizing mission critical projects and identifying efficiencies in processes.

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Expense Management

Eliminate the guesswork and surprises when it comes to your budget. Xakia’s in-house legal software helps you better understand how your organization is spending money.

With a Xakia Plus subscription, you can use the external firm portal to invite your law firm partners to submit bills through Xakia, allowing you to automatically incorporate that information into your dashboards and reporting.

You can easily manage the business of law by analyzing external expenses by division, category, law firm or other metrics you identify.

Already have an external management fee tool? No problem! Xakia can integrate seamlessly with it to provide a streamlined solution.

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Legal Intake

Simplify business and compliance processes by empowering your in-house clients to seek legal assistance through our ticketing and triage system, and quickly match the appropriate resource with the request.

You can set up a legal intake form on your intranet for internal clients to send projects and instructions to the legal team, capturing critical information at the beginning of the project.

No more back and forth with multiple questions that delay the project. This streamlined and consistent workflow ensures a better user experience for both the internal business client and your in-house legal team.

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Logs & Libraries

Whether you have specific information you need to capture about disputes, contracts, IP or knowledge, we have a range of features that will help you track and analyze key metrics through our Logs & Libraries.

Xakia empowers you to stay ahead on key work streams so that you can be strategic and quickly address any issues before they escalate. You’ll be able to easily spot trends and identify business problems so that you continue to improve your work processes for the future.

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Technology Built for Lawyers, Not for IT

Xakia was created for lawyers by lawyers. Our simple cloud-based software requires no installation, no hardware and for most users, little or no training.

Create an account today, and enjoy the instant benefits of clarity and time savings

  • No missed deadlines or budget surprises
  • Visibility into all of your matters – and easy answers at your fingertips
  • Reports that show your value and contribution
  • Time to work on more fulfilling projects (or find that elusive work-life balance)

Are you ready to transform from the overworked “Department of No” to a well-organized team of strategic advisors?

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We do the work. You get the credit.

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