Visibility Visibility


Xakia provides you with a quick, easy to use tool to capture key information about your team's active legal matters.

A single interface then organizes your matters, including deadlines and milestones, to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Capturing key data also provides you with powerful information to identify opportunities for effective resource allocation, productivity and risk minimization.


Who are your most active internal clients? This is valuable information for budgeting and cost allocation.

Who is doing the legal work – internal or external lawyers? Understand the effectiveness of your resource allocation decisions.


What type of work does your legal team do? Is it complex or simple? Does it further company strategy? What is its risk profile? This data will assist you to identify opportunities for efficiency improvements, legal document automation and systemization.


What is the average turnaround time on your in-house legal matters? How long did it take to return a standard commercial contract to your business? How long did that major project run for? How long did the matter sit with your legal team compared with time ‘awaiting action’ from another party?

Use matter timeline analysis for resource allocation and effective communication with internal business clients.

  • Visibility
  • Control
  • Fully informed

Dashboards and reports Dashboards and reports

Dashboards and reports

Visualization of data is immediately usable for daily task prioritization and legal team resource allocation. Positive and negative trends are immediately apparent, and measurement of achievement of company and legal team goals are clear.


Simple, effective dashboards provide you with an immediate snapshot of your team's work profile, deadlines and external costs.

Do you want to see your matters only, those of your team or perhaps just matters sent to your external firms? With Xakia you can tailor your dashboard to suit your needs as they change throughout the day, week or month.

The devil is in the detail! Need to see more about the data displayed on the dashboard? Click on each data set to drill down and see more information about your active matters and projects.


Professional, useful and easy to read reports take a lot of time to produce manually. Xakia automates this process for you for any time frame you require.

Reports that outline resource utilization and highlight how the legal team furthers the corporate strategy while managing risk will demonstrate the value of your legal team to your business clients, executive team and Board. Reports that present data on the size and complexity of the matters handled against the resources allocated can also assist to identify potential efficiency and productivity improvements.

  • Real-time
  • Visualization
  • Transparency

Expense management Expense management

Expense management

Manage your expenses and have visibility over your external budget.

Invite your law firm to submit bills and have visualisation through dashboards and reports

Expense analysis

Analyse your external expenses by division, category, law firm or other metrics to understand and manage your external fees.


Already have an external fee management tool? We are happy to work with your eBilling system to build a streamlined system together with Xakia.

  • Expense management
  • Resource allocation
  • Identify efficiencies

Xakiage Xakiage


Are you looking for a legal intake tool, a way to efficiently and consistently receive instructions from your internal business clients?

Xakiage is a legal intake, ticketing and triage system, which empowers your business clients to seek legal assistance, and enables the legal team to ensure it is matched to the appropriate resource.

Legal intake form on your intranet

Set up a page on your intranet for internal clients to send instructions to the legal team, capturing critical information including their details, the nature of the work, key documents and due dates.

Receive notifications of new matters

Nominate your Xakiage administrators to receive email notifications of new matters, approve and allocate each matter to the appropriate team member. This streamlined workflow ensures a great user experience for both the internal business clients seeking legal instructions, and your legal team.

  • Legal intake
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Triage

Registers Registers


Need to capture and manage key legal data for your business? Use our Registers tool – integrated into your matter data capture – to know when and why key legal events are taking place.

Capture key information about your contracts, disputes or legal risk through the Xakia Registers tool – available with a Xakia Advance subscription.

Receive alerts on key dates, search your database for key information and generate Register reports for managing your business’ legal profile.


Capture information about your organizations’ contracts including parties, key dates, contract value and more in our Contract Register.


Capture information about your organizations’ disputes including parties, key court and document dates and more in our Disputes Register.

Legal risk

Capture information about key legal risks to your organization including type and level of risk, how it is being addressed and more in our Legal Risk Register.

  • Visibility of critical data
  • Alerts on key dates
  • Manage risk

Legal Resolution Tools Legal Resolution Tools

Legal Resolution Tools

Looking for automation or systemization of your legal resolution? Our contract automation and checklist driven tools will guide your legal team through an efficient, interactive Q&A session to deliver automated documents or outcomes for routine work. Contact us to be notified when these features are available.

Contract automation

Use our standard automated documents integrated to your Xakia system to achieve optimal efficiency in standard document production.

Or do you have your own documents that can be automated? Imagine the efficiency you can achieve by having this integrated with your Xakia system.


Using standardized checklists has been shown in many professional industries to reduce risk and improve efficiency in delivering complex, bespoke outcomes. Xakia has developed a series of checklists for your use, integrated with your matter metrics, to ensure compliance and efficient legal resolution by your whole team.

Consulting services Consulting services

Consulting services

Looking for expertise in the analysis of your reports to identify key trends or efficiency opportunities? Or need assistance structuring your set up to suit your bespoke needs? We are happy to offer our consulting services – just get in touch so that we can further understand your needs and provide you with a specialist quote.

Document automation or checklist set up

While we have standard documents for your use through our Metrics Advance subscription, we understand that every organization has its own documents and checklist needs. We are happy to assist you to implement your organizations’ specific documents through our consulting services.

Other resources

Do you have other systems and resources your legal team uses for efficient operation of your legal matters. We would be very happy to talk to you about integration of these systems.

  • Expert analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Bespoke