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Xakia Features


Dashboards and Reports

Reports & Dashboards

Data visualization is important for understanding your work landscape in a glance. Bring together all the key information in beautiful dashboards and reports, helping you answer critical questions about your own work, and that of your Legal Department.

  • Who are your most active internal clients?
  • How is work being resourced?
  • What type of work does the team do?
  • How valuable or strategic is that work?
  • What is the average turnaround on your work?
  • How long did the work sit with your team vs. awaiting action by somebody else.

Matter Management

Xakia provides you with a quick, intuitive tool to capture key information about all your active legal matters.


  • is working on this matter?
  • is requesting this matter?
  • is resourcing this matter?
  • is paying for external fees?
  • are the parties involved?


  • is it about?
  • sort of work is it?
  • is the legal content?
  • is the strategic value of the work?
  • is the resource intensity?


  • is this work required by the business?
  • are the deadlines and key dates on this matter?


  • does this matter advance our strategy?
  • does this staffing make sense?
  • does this work require the legal department?
Expense Management

Expense Management

Easy visibility into your budget eliminates guesswork and surprises – and helps you better understand your organization’s legal spend. Invite your law firms to submit bills through Xakia, then get quick visualization through automatic dashboards and reports.

With Xakia, you can analyze your external expenses by division, category, law firm or other metrics. And if you already have an external management fee tool, Xakia can easily integrate to provide a streamlined solution.

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Legal Intake

Legal Intake

Are you looking for a legal intake tool, a way to efficiently and consistently receive instructions from your internal business clients? Xakiage provides a legal intake, ticketing and triage system, which empowers your business clients to seek legal assistance, and enables the legal team to ensure it is matched to the appropriate resource.

Set up a legal intake form on your intranet for internal clients to send instructions to the legal team, capturing critical information including their details, the nature of the work, key documents and due dates.

Nominate your Xakiage administrators to receive email notifications of new matters, approve and allocate each matter to the appropriate team member. This streamlined workflow ensures a great user experience for both the internal business clients seeking legal instructions, and your legal team.

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Dispute Register

Dispute Register

Litigation and disputes bring inherent risk to any organization – and they likely consume more of your department’s time and resources than any other category. It’s imperative to have a comprehensive and real-time look at your disputes, so you can stay strategic and quickly address problems before they escalate.

Xakia empowers you to stay ahead of your litigation. Track disputes by parties, key courts, document dates and more. Easily spot trends, identify business problems – and never miss a deadline.

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A single interface organizes your matters, including deadlines and milestones, to ensure nothings slips through the cracks.

Capturing key data also provides you with powerful information to identify opportunities for effective resource allocation, productivity and risk minimization.

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