12 Steps to Smarter Legal Intake & Triage

Let's explore the 12 steps you can deploy for saner, smarter legal intake, starting with Beginner-level tactics and working up to Advanced manoeuvres.

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The average in-house lawyer handles 173.2 contracts every year.

2019 Global Legal Department Benchmarking Report

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Limit opportunity for error with legal operations

With 173.2 contracts on average each year, that means in-house lawyers are dealing with 173 legal requests from business clients, 173 sets of parties, deadlines and terms and, depending on the organization’s intake process, 173 opportunities for incomplete information, miscommunication and heartburn.

Add to that, the nine litigation legal matters that same average lawyer is juggling - and there's even more opportunities for incomplete information, miscommunication and stress.

By applying some legal operations best practices on ticketing, workflow and knowledge management, your in-house legal team can save considerable time and stress.

What is legal intake?

Legal intake refers to the process through which you receive, assign and complete legal matters.

The legal intake stage is recognised by the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium as being "intended to define and reach agreement on the goals, objectives and scope of what is to be accomplished. This is one of the most important stages, as it drives everything that follows."

It can seem pretty daunting if your current legal intake software resembles more of an emergency hotline.

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The good news: A few simple process improvements can pay big dividends, and many of these can be “DIY” fixes.

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12 steps to smarter legal intake

We've created this white paper to make legal intake stress-free and accessible for in-house legal teams of all sizes and backgrounds.

It outlines some best practices on ticketing, workflow and knowledge management, which can save your legal department considerable time and stress.

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