Client Portals for Real-Time Collaboration:
An Essential Tool for a Dispersed Legal Department

Strong relationships between in-house Legal Departments and their business clients have traditionally been rooted in communication and collaboration.

In a hybrid or remote environment, this becomes challenging: It’s no longer easy to stop by a client’s office or brainstorm in a conference room. This is where an internal client portal can help.

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An internal client portal can provide the visibility, transparency and control that drive effective working relationships.

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What is an internal client portal?

An internal client portal is a safe and secure online platform that connects your Legal Department with their internal business clients.

Through this client portal, your business clients can submit their legal requests, then track the matter, receive updates and collaborate on resolutions.

Benefits of an internal client portal

For your internal business clients

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Improve trust in the process of engaging the Legal Department
  • Eliminate those to-and-fro strings of communication
  • Instantly see who is doing the work and how it is progressing

For the in-house Legal Department

  • Lessens the time burdens of administration
  • Gain consistent and fulsome data about your legal matters
  • Ensures an email request doesn’t get overlooked or lost in the ever-expanding lawyer inbox
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Download the Client Portals for Real-Time Collaboration white paper now to learn:

  • What is an internal client portal?
  • Why do internal client portals matter?
  • What to do look for when scouting for client portal and legal matter management software solutions
  • The old way vs new way of legal matter management and its benefits

By providing a designated place where there is a plan and outlet to address their legal needs, business clients feel more empowered.

Download the white paper now

Find out how an internal client portal can help you

An internal client portal can save time and money, and it can streamline service delivery, but its most meaningful mark on an organization may be its ability to meet the fundamental human need to feel connected and informed.

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