LegalTech means legal data: How to shop smart for both

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To build a more efficient and effective in-house legal team, you need two things: legal data and LegalTech. While legal data will empower your team to make smarter decisions, an in house legal software solution enables you to execute faster and more reliably. The two are inextricably linked.

When purchasing new legal operations software, there are four Cs you should consider. Download the white paper to learn more.

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legaltech software and legal data are linked

LegalTech and legal data are inextricably linked

If you are looking for legal data, the fastest path is through LegalTech. But with a modern legal matter management system, this information is captured in seconds at the start of each project or piece of work, then ready for quick analysis and easy reporting.

Meanwhile, if you are buying LegalTech, you're going to get legal data, even if you’re not looking for it.

To ignore the insights that lie within legal data, is to fail to maximize the ROI of your legal matter management software.

Look for the 4 Cs of legal data

Whether your in house legal software purchase is motivated by a quest for knowledge, or a desire to lighten your load, to get the most from your investment, look for the four Cs of legal data.



The legal matter management software should collect the necessary information in the simplest way possible.

legal analytics software


The legal analytics software will interpret the data through simple, automatic visualization for you.

legal reports - legal analytics software


The matter management software provides actionable insights to help you make leadership decisions.

legal operations software


The legal operations software provides you with options to tailor to your needs if required.

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LegalTech means legal data: How to shop smart for both

The good news: Your data already exists. It just needs to be collected in a usable way.

The better news: modern matter management software stands ready to help!

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