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Easy, high impact change for 2018

January 5 2018 by Jodie Baker

The new year brings a prime opportunity to pursue positive change. And while we can’t deliver washboard abs or freedom from junk food, Xakia can fulfill more meaningful resolutions: Our software can help you be more efficient, stay on strategy and capture more ROI.

Indeed, Xakia is the easiest change you can make – with the biggest impact – for a better 2018.


Take your time back.

According to the Association of Corporate Counsel’s Global Census, almost half of in-house lawyers report an increase in their workload over the past 12 months. Meanwhile, the number of in-house counsel working more than 60 hours a week has risen by more than 50 percent.

We know it’s hard to keep up – but there’s a better solution than longer hours. Xakia’s dashboard organizes your matters and presents a real-time snapshot of your team’s workload, deadlines and costs. Because everything is in one place, you save the time and headaches of searching through emails, spreadsheets, myriad law firm portals…or worse, what’s only stored in your colleagues’ memories.

When it’s time to report to your business clients, your executive team or your board, Xakia’s analytics provide professional summaries. You can swiftly deliver information on utilization, budget or strategic alignment – re-capturing hours, if not days, over tedious traditional reporting.



Focus on what matters.

As we’ve said before, the legal team is critical to the strategic direction of a company and the achievement of its strategic goals. In an ACC survey, both general counsel and corporate directors said “strategic input” was a major driver of in-house counsel value.

How does your activity align with your CEO’s strategic priorities? Are you spending too much time, effort or outside counsel dollars on matters of low strategic importance and low risk? More than that – how do you know?

Xakia uses a ten-second process to rate each matter on its strategic value and potential risk. This “value add” metric can bolster your department’s performance and reputation:

  • By requiring each team member to measure the strategic value of their work, you engage each individual with the strategic goals of the company. This will inform all legal and risk management decisions (not to mention resource allocation decisions) they make.
  • Business leaders see a data and evidence-based account of the value you bring by protecting the company and advancing its goals.
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Safeguard your budget.

Only 9 percent of chief legal officers rate their analysis of outside counsel spend as “highly effective,” according to Altman Weil. Moreover, the average law department spends half of its budget on outside counsel, more than internal expenses or vendors. This means that in 90 percent of legal departments, their largest budget category is going unexamined.

Are you sending low-risk, low-value matters to the most expensive firm? Are you giving more work to firms that exceed their budgets? Xakia provides straightforward data that helps you maximize your resources.

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Try Xakia today.

When we say Xakia’s the easiest change you can make, we mean it. Our software integrates with other platforms – in your company and at outside firms. We offer predictable pricing that scales with your team’s size. There’s no implementation cost, and you can even install it yourself.

Watch our demo video or sign up for a free 30-day trial today.

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