Meet the team: Natalie O'Connor

Nat is our amazing Global Head of Customer Success based in the APAC region. Nat assists in house legal teams to navigate and optimize their use of Xakia.

Natalie O'Connor sheds light on her journey in legal operations managementName

Natalie O'Connor

Job title

Head of Customer Success - Global

Tell us a bit about yourself and your experience

I started my journey at Xakia in February 2021 after 15 years working at BlueScope Steel, as Manager of Global Legal Operations.🌏

When I started at BlueScope, they were using Windows Explorer and shared drives and when I departed, they had a subsidiary management system, board portal, document and legal spend management and - of course - Xakia.

I am very familiar with in-house legal teams, how they operate and their challenges, roadblocks and change management issues. My clients tap into this knowledge regularly, as I help them navigate and optimize their use of Xakia. 

As the Head of Customer Success - Global, my role is to make sure all our clients feel supported, from onboarding right through to implementation, and the conversation does not stop there! As we build and evolve Xakia's matter management system, I continue my relationships with my clients to help them understand and maximize the functionality they have access to. 📈

Fun fact about you

I met my husband in London after being in the country for 3 days.💘 Fast forward to 2023 – 13 years married and 2 children.

Do you have any hidden talents most people don't know about?

I make the best lasagne in the southern hemisphere 👩‍🍳 (or so I am told).

Xakia tip

Use the Xakia matter management system as an everyday tool - you'll benefit from the output if the input occurs!

To learn more about Xakia's in house legal software and how it can help your Legal Department be more efficient, get in touch with the friendly team today, or register for a demo.

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