Modern Matter Management for Corporate Legal Departments

If you’re struggling with spreadsheets (or still frustrated by file folders), there is a better way. Learn how a modern matter management system can help your in-house legal team keep track of all your legal matters, collaborate with your colleagues and communicate with internal clients without the stress.

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If you're still struggling with spreadsheets, now is the time to upgrade to a modern matter management solution.

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Is it time for a modern matter management solution?

There can be many signs that indicate it's time for your in-house Legal Department to upgrade to a modern cloud based legal matter management software.

Some common indicators include: 

  • You aren't sure who's doing what
  • You get anxious for meetings with the C-suite
  • You are over budget. Again
  • You have a reputation for being the "Department of No" or a "black box" for legal requests
  • Business clients constantly complain that Legal is slow or that they never know what is going on with their projects
  • You use a lot of different in house legal software but it's not making anything easier
  • Your legal team is burnt-out and so are you
  • Your list of legal matters lie in various places, including but not limited to legal pads, spreadsheets, email folders
  • Your Legal Department is drowning in work – and so much of it seems repetitive
  • You don't have access to real-time data, so you struggle to spot trends, identify business problems or make predictions about your legal operations
  • You’re not sure if the C-suite understands the value of your legal team

But what is modern matter management?

“Matter management,” has undertaken a slow evolution, from parchment to file folders to spreadsheets to software. (And let’s be honest, there are still plenty of legal teams getting by on file folders and spreadsheets.)

If traditional matter management resembled a conveyer belt, modern matter management is an ecosystem, tying together the steps in a project’s lifecycle with key information and communication.

Matter management manages all aspects of a legal matter. A modern matter management software can provide an in-house legal department with a single source of truth for all legal matters.

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Modern matter management refers to a dynamic system that centralizes information into one single source of truth - and one that is constantly learning.

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Our modern matter management guide is designed to help in-house Legal Departments of all sizes understand their options and find a more efficient and productive way to work.

What you'll learn from the Modern matter management eBook

We'll show you how you can start on your matter management journey, with a focus on:

  • The signs you need a modern matter management solution
  • Key features to evaluate (and a checklist to help)
  • How to implement modern matter management
  • How to evaluate ROI on modern legal matter management – and keep improving
  • An implementation plan, including selection, procurement, onboarding and mastery
  • Tips for continuous improvements on strategic planning, budgeting and professional development
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Moving forward with a modern matter management solution

Use our sample project implementation plan to help you get started

Every organization is different, but our template plan provides some guidance for the four stages needed to effectively introduce modern legal matter management.

matter management - selection


matter management - procurement


matter management - onboarding and training


matter management - mastery


As you evaluate potential legal matter management solutions, don't forget that modern matter management isn't just software: you need to ensure your vendor can be a true partner to your Legal Department throughout the project implementation process and long after.

Modern matter management gives you flexibility and scalability, utilizing the strengths of the latest cloud-based legal software. By selecting a vendor who is continuously developing to match current software capabilities, you can ensure that your team - and your organization - have the opportunity to maximize efficiency, without compromising on quality.

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Modern matter management for in-house legal departments

Transform your legal team's service, performance, results and morale

This eBook contains a list of signs your in-housel Legal Department is ready for a modern matter management solution. It also includes checklists and project plan templates to help you to assess your needs, evaluate your legal operations software options and craft successful implementation plans.

A modern legal matter management software can help your manage your legal workflows and collaborate with your team on matters more efficiently.

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