Agile 101: A guide for in-house legal teams

Agile as a style of working brings back calm and control, productivity and hours of efficiency – with only a few very small changes to the way you work.

Download our Agile 101 for in-house lawyers white paper now to learn how your in-house Legal Department can get Agile and reap the benefits.

Agile for in-house legal teams - whitepaper

Find out how your Legal Department can get Agile

Download our white paper now to find out how Agile can work for your in-house Legal Department.

It's time for lawyers to get Agile

Nearly half of in-house lawyers feel stressed either most or all of the time, according to research from Law360. This can come from a myriad of sources, but for many Legal Departments, the lack of a structured matter management workflow may be a contributing factor.

If you're struggling to manage your legal matters or your team through a hodge-podge of to-do lists, email inboxes, spreadsheets or institutional memory, with no means to coordinate work across a dispersed or virtual legal team, it may be time to consider a change.

That's where Agile comes in.

While it was created for software development as a practice management system, Agile offers corporate Legal Departments a host of benefits.

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The benefits of Agile for in-house legal teams

Agile for legal teams emphasises collaboration and expedience through a framework of frequent communication and discrete tasks to help you visualise your work, communicate often and engage with your stakeholders.

Taking an Agile approach to your in-house legal team can:

  • Increase productivity
  • Increase transparency
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Provide better visibility into your legal matters
  • Help organize your task list
  • Help you better manage legal work by breaking down projects into smaller, discrete tasks
  • Help maintain and strengthen your relationships throughout the organization
  • Help with a faster turnaround time on legal matters and requests

Agile for legal teams - get started now

Download our white paper now to learn:

  • What is Agile
  • How in-house lawyers can get Agile
  • Action steps to help you get started with Agile
  • A checklist for in-house legal teams
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Become an Agile legal team today

Get started with a low-stress Agile system for your Legal Department today

Agile as a style of working has now been adopted in nearly every industry, from manufacturing to the military. If your in-house Legal Department isn't using Agile practices yet, download our white paper to find out what it is, the benefits and how any in-house legal team can start using Agile methodologies right now.

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