CompareCamp award for Xakia!

Xakia is excited to receive the Great User Experience Award for the Legal Case Management Category from Reputable SaaS Review Platform!

Xakia is honored to have recently received CompareCamp’s Great User Experience Award and the Rising Star Award for 2019. CompareCamp is one of the leading online resources of product reviews and comparisons with a goal to enable customers to compare products they are interested in and to learn more about their key features before making a purchase decision.

Xakia's cloud based legal software was created to streamline and simplify legal operations, so we are proud to have earned high marks in not only the ease of use category, but also in customer support and value for money categories.

“The main benefits of Xakia are its visual reports and dashboards, its intuitive matter management tools, its budgeting feature and its legal intake capability,” according to the CompareCamp review.

“Data visualization assists your team in understanding your current work status with a single glance. You can do this by looking at your data from beautiful visual dashboards and reports. Using these tools, you can uncover critical solutions to your issues and even discover things that can help you optimize your processes further.”

If you are interested in learning more about how Xakia can save you hundreds of hours and simplify legal workflows, check out the Xakia review today. To find out more about the Xakia legal matter management software, book a demo with the team, or try it for yourself with a 14-day pilot.

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