LegalTech in Minutes, not Months

Xakia can be set up in minutes, giving you a simple, powerful and affordable matter management software.

When we sign up for a new app in our personal lives – entertainment, financial management, health records etc. – we expect the process to be fast and simple. It must do what it says on the box. And it absolutely must be reasonably priced. 

Simple. Powerful. Affordable. 

Yet when we procure business applications, things are inevitably more complicated. Right? 

Selection. Procurement. Configuration. Adoption. ROI. 

Each step is difficult, involves multiple stakeholders, and gets expensive. Let’s face it – who has the time, energy or budget?  

If you are from a team of 100 lawyers, have a full legal operations contingent and a streamlined understanding of your procurement process, perhaps this is doable (even if not particularly appealing) but if you’re a team of seven and you just know you want the pain to stop, surely it doesn’t have to be so hard…. 


Tanisha and Anne from Xakia -  reviewing legal software benefits

Selection: Today, information about legal software is readily available from websites, listings, and reviews. Pricing information is (or should be) readily accessible and even a software demo is easy to get! If anything, selection is made more difficult by the ‘selector’ who risks paralysis by analysis with too much information. But a desktop search is possible and can be streamlined, efficient and complete in a relatively short period. 

Procurement: The buying process on personal apps is instant. Perhaps you will engage in a free trial, or jump straight to purchase, but either way, you will eventually offer up your credit card and access is instantly yours.  

Naturally, a corporate, government or non-profit organization may be a little more complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. For affordable software that has been purpose-built for immediate deployment, you can register and use your corporate credit card in the same way – provided you know that it is secure and reputable!  

Even if you need to go through a buying process after your free trial, an information security pack, a business case template and a procurement checklist (request ours here) make this process (almost) as quick and seamless as you have come to expect in your daily personal life. 

Configuration: Powerful legal software requires careful configuration, right? Yes, but default settings paired with ON/OFF toggles for ease of use, means software that allows for instant use and further configuration as you’re ready. The best in-house legal software has training videos, a comprehensive knowledge base and in-app 24-hour support to ensure that you are not alone in your journey to leverage the powerful tools available to you, as and when they suit your specific needs. 

Need integrations with your enterprise tools? Even these have been built ready to deploy in minutes with off-the-shelf pre-approved integrations with Office 365, Gmail, Slack, Salesforce and more. Your IT team will love the deployment speed – and their redundancy in your self-sufficiency! 

Xakia - matter-management-software-tasks

Adoption: Is there anything worse than procuring software and finding it is not used properly or to its fullest extent!? When your in-house legal software is loved, super-simple to use and a joy to work with, you can be sure that adoption is going to happen. A powerful in-house legal toolkit will also be filled with features that you want to use in time, so regular events that keep you informed, well trained and maximizing the benefits of your investment are essential! 

ROI: You spend a dollar/pound/euro you want to know that you are getting at least 3x that back – and fast! Whether you measure your return in time savings for your Legal Department, faster service to your internal clients, or cash costs on legal spending, you don’t want to be measuring it annually. Immediate reports of “saved me hours and hours!” or “Thanks for the rapid turnaround on that sales contract!” will help you embed and leverage the full strength of your in-house legal technology. Test your LegalTech ROI here.

A legal project team? Months-long RFPs? A protracted procurement process? More months-long configuration project meetings? Many repetitive and mind-numbing training sessions? 

Throw it all away! Xakia can be deployed literally in minutes, not months. Sign up for a free trial and get started – immediately. 


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