Build an action plan for in-house hospital Legal Departments: webinar recording

Hospital Teams: Build Your In-House Legal Action Plan. Solving Six Major Pain Points

Learn the major pain points commonly experienced by hospital legal teams and how to solve it with an action plan template.

You'll also hear insights from Anne Post from Xakia, Dan Hiser, Chief Legal Officer at Bryan Health, who tackles these pain points on a daily basis, and Scott Rosenberg, Managing Director of Unbiased Consulting, who has deep knowledge and experience guiding healthcare legal teams in developing and executing process improvement strategies.

Your action plan will include:

  • Identifying the pain point your legal team is experiencing
  • Who is impacted
  • How are they impacted
  • Ranking each of the major pain points
  • Options to solve this pain point
  • Rating the pain point for cost and effort
  • How to prioritize the pain points and an action plan to get started

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Meet your speakers

Anne Post
Dan Hiser - Bryan Health
Scott Rosenberg - Unbiased Consulting

Anne Post
CEO, North America

Dan Hiser
Chief Legal Officer
Bryan Health

Scott Rosenberg
Managing Director and Corporate Counsel
Unbiased Consulting

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