Jodie Baker

Jodie is an innovator, entrepreneur, and advocate of LegalTech. Her passion to give in-house counsel greater visibility and control to their legal operations is the driving force behind Xakia, an in-house legal matter management platform that is simple, powerful and affordable and services hundreds of legal teams - and thousands of lawyers - around the globe.

Stories by Jodie

Legal Department

Storytelling Through Legal Analytics

Storytelling through legal data analytics can be extremely powerful. Automated intelligent insights power a Legal Department with stories for...

Legal Tech

Do Small In-House Legal Teams Use A.I.?

A survey of 300 in-house legal teams of <10 ppl found only 14% are using AI tools for improved productivity and only 3% consider themselves mature...

Legal Tech

Quick Matter Add

A legal matter management software that adds matters in less than 10 seconds? You'd love to see that!

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