Jodie Baker

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Matter Management

What is a Matter and Why Does it Matter?

Matters are the building blocks of in-house legal matter management, but what counts? The fast phone call, the contract, the major transaction? Here...

About Xakia

Startups Are Like Jigsaw Puzzles

Startups are like jigsaw puzzles: they can be deliciously challenging and full of surprises. With both, the joy lies with the journey, not the...

Matter Management

What is Modern Matter Management?

Having the right legal matter management software in place helps create and retain productive and functional teams. Download our In-house Modern...

Legal Department

Yearly Planning in an Abnormal Year

Legal departments that proactively pause to plan for the “new normal” will be better prepared for the transition, be better equipped to handle...

Legal Operations

Forecasting Legal Operations in 2021

It’s Q4 2020 - which means it's time for budgets, planning, and predictions for the year ahead. When it comes to legal operations, we can share a...

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