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Legal Data Analytics

In-House Legal Data Analytics Part 4 - Why

The fundamentals of legal data analytics are universal, and data collection can be simple and relatively painless. Read our blog for learn “The why.”

Legal Data Analytics

In-House Legal Data Analytics - Who

Understanding the four basic competent of legal data analytics can drive efficiency and results. The first component is the who behind the numbers.

Legal Budget

Make the Most of a Small Legal Budget

More money, more problems? For small legal teams, the opposite is true. While their budgets may have fewer zeroes than a large team, the pressure to...

Legal Budget

The Data-Driven Legal Budget

Starting the budget process with a strategic look at both your external spend and your internal workload will result in a better financial picture.

Legal Budget

Budget Benchmarks: Where do you Stand?

Budget season approaches – and soon it will be time to turn your attention from the law to the ledger. The next few months will be a critical time to...

Tips and Tricks

Measuring Legal Tech ROI

Measuring ROI may seem pretty straight-forward, but with legal technology, this can get a little nebulous. Read our blog to find out how you can...

Legal Tech

Make your CIO Happy

As you explore a legal matter management solution, it’s imperative to get buy-in from your IT department. Here are 10 questions to answer before you...

Legal Operations

Deliver Conference ROI in Four Steps

Four practical tips for Legal Departments to make the most of the lessons and expertise delivered at the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium’s 2018...

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