Jodie Baker

Jodie is an innovator, entrepreneur, and advocate of LegalTech. Her passion to give in-house counsel greater visibility and control to their legal operations is the driving force behind Xakia, an in-house legal matter management platform that is simple, powerful and affordable and services hundreds of legal teams - and thousands of lawyers - around the globe.

Stories by Jodie

About Xakia

Jodie's Jigsaw - The Frame

The frame can be the most tedious part of puzzles, but it's always the place to start, setting up the puzzle for a beautiful picture to emerge...

About Xakia

Why did you choose THAT puzzle?

I often get asked how I came up with the idea for Xakia and my answer is similar to the process I go through when selecting a jigsaw puzzle for...

Matter Management

What is a Matter and Why Does it Matter?

Matters are the building blocks of legal matter management, but what counts? How do you define your matters, what to track and why do your matters...

About Xakia

Startups Are Like Jigsaw Puzzles

Startups are like jigsaw puzzles: they can be deliciously challenging and full of surprises. With both, the joy lies with the journey, not the...


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