Meet the team: Elodi Bodamer

Meet Elodi, our Chicago-based Marketing Manager who has a one year old dog named Bowen, and had Taylor Swift speak at her graduation!

meet the Xakia team - Elodi BodamerName

Elodi Bodamer

Job title

Marketing Manager

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am originally from Kansas City, MO, where the North American branch of Xakia is headquartered!

I went to Texas Christian University (Go Frogs!) 🐸, and after graduating in 2020, moved to New York City amid the COVID pandemic. I pursued my Master's in Public Relations and Corporate Communication from New York University and graduated with distinction — and a desire to move back to the Midwest. Soon after my move, I began my career with Xakia in December of 2022.

I have a (just turned!) one year old Siberian Husky, Bowen, who is my pride and joy. You can find us walking all over Chicago (around eight miles a day!) or hanging out at a neighborhood restaurant or pub.

Prior to working in LegalTech, I worked in beauty and fashion, as well as wine and spirits. The transition to LegalTech was a surprise for most, but not my family, as both my parents and my sister are lawyers, so it was expected that I would join them in some way or another.

Fun fact that no one might not know about you

Taylor Swift was the speaker at my NYU graduation at Yankee Stadium in May of 2022!

When did you start in LegalTech?

I began my career in LegalTech in December of 2022 with Xakia. I’m excited for my future in the field and have appreciated the opportunity to learn something new every day.

What do you love about LegalTech?

Being able to apply a lot of the things I've learned and overheard from my parents growing up to my day-to-day life. Also, for my job specifically, the ability to work in an innovative field like LegalTech while applying my marketing, public relations, and social media skills all at once has proven to be the “sweet sauce” in the recipe of an amazing, and highly rewarding job.

What do you love to see in a successful team?

A highly collaborative team that can get along just as well in the office, through a computer screen, and in person. You must have a level of flexibility, collaboration and independence, but at the end of the day, it's one team with one end goal and mission that binds us not only in the office, but at conferences, happy hours and team lunches, and more. Everyone represents the company individually and collaboratively, and it's so important to have that perfect combination of both.

Why work at Xakia?

For those exact reasons! It is a group of very fun, energetic, goal driven, and passionate people who really enjoy what they do. And it’s that drive that motivates us to find success both individually and as a team.

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