Meet the team: Jillian Watkins

Jillian Watkins is one of Xakia's fantastic Customer Success Managers, who is passionate about helping people solve problems and build better legal departments.

Jillian Watkins, Customer Success Manager at XakiaName

Jillian Watkins

Job title

Customer Success Manager

Tell us a bit about yourself and your experience

My professional career has always been in the legal industry. After graduating from college, I moved from Tennessee to Washington, DC to work in “big law” supporting legal teams in a range of different practice areas including franchise, corporate, and international trade. 🌎

I knew it was my passion to help people and solve problems. I transitioned into the legal operations field and felt that it was a fit for me right off the bat.

I’ve been with Xakia for a while now, as a Customer Success Manager. I support our North American customers with all things Xakia-related. This involves helping guide in-house legal teams with their change management strategy, onboarding, implementation, training, and strategizing ways to make Xakia work for them.

I love this role, and it’s exciting to help different lawyers use Xakia to build a better Legal Department. I see my role here as what I’ve always been doing in my career, which is helping legal teams, but because I support so many in-house lawyers across almost every industry, it’s on a much wider scale.

Fun fact about you

I met Usher and Fall out Boy on the same day while attending an Earth Day event in Washington, DC. It was very random and unplanned.

Do you have any hidden talents most people don't know about?

I have a very good memory. My brain 🧠 holds a lot of information about useless things.

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Don't forget to connect with Jillian on LinkedIn and keep up to date with all the amazing work that she’s doing in North America at Xakia.

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