What is Modern Matter Management?

Having the right legal matter management software in place helps create and retain productive and functional teams. Download our In-house Modern Matter Management eBook now.

As the global economy starts to stabilize, most organizations are getting out of triage mode and Legal Departments are looking at their operations to ensure they have the right legal matter management software in place to help create and retain productive and functional teams. 

“Matter management,” in some form or another, has existed as long as lawyers have walked the Earth. It has undertaken a slow evolution, from parchment to file folders to spreadsheets to software. (And let’s be honest, there are still plenty of legal teams getting by on file folders and spreadsheets).

Analog or digital, traditional matter management is based on four primary steps of a legal project, as outlined by the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium: 

Intake > Planning > Execution > Review

As milestones, these four steps are critical. But it’s what lies between them – and the interplay among them – that can truly transform Legal Department service, performance, results, and morale. 

If traditional matter management resembled a conveyer belt, modern matter management is an ecosystem, tying together the steps in a project’s life cycle with information and communication: 

  • How can Intake expedite Execution? 
  • How can Review seamlessly feed future Planning? 
  • How can business clients stay updated automatically? 

This guide is designed to help Legal Departments of one to 1,000 understand their options for modern matter management.

Modern Matter Management eBook

You will learn: 

  • Signs you need modern matter management 
  • Key features to evaluate (and a checklist to help) 
  • How to implement modern matter management 
  • How to evaluate ROI – and keep improving 

Transform your legal team's service, performance, results, and morale - download our modern matter management eBook now to get started.

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