Quick Matter Add

A legal matter management software that adds matters in less than 10 seconds? You'd love to see that!

Every member of a in-house legal team is under time pressure. Receiving, reviewing, resolving and reporting on in-house legal work requires rapid digestion and a super smooth legal operations process. You do not have even one minute to spare.

Yet the information captured by a legal matter management software must be accurate, and serve the purpose for which it is deployed - to create a robust single source of truth on all legal work being done by the the corporate legal team.

How do you seamlessly marry speed and accuracy in a matter management system for your legal team? Here are four essentials:

1. Speed

Obvious, but important. Make information capture VERY VERY fast: click (not type) where possible, and enter multiple matters at one time.

2. Information essence

This is "must know" not "nice to know" territory. Date information should be defaulted (e.g. due date = one week), and qualitative information (e.g. priority, size of matter etc) automated, with both allowing for adjustments by exception.

At this point, you are working on the basis that capturing something for all matters is better than capturing everything for only a few matters.

3. User interface

Rapid entry of matters into your legal matter software must feel fast. The process needs to follow an "add > enter > save >> repeat" process that the user feels is natural and efficient.

4. Tagged for updates

Ensuring that all relevant information makes its way into your legal matter management solution will be far easier if matters requiring more fulsome data are easily identified. A small visual indicator is sufficient to prompt your legal team members to update matters added through a rapid process.

legal matter management software - quick matter add feature

Add matters in a snap with Xakia's legal matter management software

Xakia is thrilled to bring "Quick Matter Add" to its leading matter management software for corporate legal departments.

Providing yet another alternative to matter templates, Outlook and Gmail integrations and streamlined legal intake, Xakia shows again that it is focused on simple and powerful legal matter creation.

legal matter management software - quick matter add

A beautiful, fast user interface ensures that your legal department can add multiple matters from a single window, capturing essential information in record time in the best legal matter management software.

Preserving the market leading power of Xakia's legal data analytics capabilities, key qualitative fields can now be fully automated with a "Fine Tune" option as required.

Legal matter management software that adds matters in less than 10 seconds? You bet!

Xakia continues to deliver: simple, powerful and affordable

See our legal matter management software and the 'Quick Matter Add' feature in action - get in touch with the team today for a demo, or sign up for a free 14-day trial.

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