External Fee Management:
Budget control

Achieve a watertight understanding of where you spend money with our simple expense management tool. Or integrate with your existing eBilling system. Either way = full transparency.

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Streamlined spend management

Budget control. Spend Management.

Receiving, reviewing and approving invoices from law firms is a headache. Achieving clear and complete data to inform your Legal Team financial planning and reporting is challenging.

Streamline your processes to eliminate guesswork, unwanted surprises and understand how your Legal Department is spending money.

Simplify the management of your in-house legal budget.

Spend management for full budget control
  • receive, review, approve and reject invoices
  • real-time financial data in interactive dashboards and detailed reports
  • flexibility to analyze external expenses by division, category, law firm and more
  • easily integrate into your existing eBilling platforms to limit disruption or extend your functionality

Legal Dept Budget Template

Xakia 4-min demo video

Matter tracking and organization is particularly beneficial to small law departments, because of its added functionality over the old-school method of using spreadsheets … We can also save time by loading the invoices into our matter-tracking system as opposed to individually tracking legal service invoices.


Transition to a virtual Legal Department
in < 1 hour

With Xakia you can:
Receive, triage and assign work
Monitor workloads & deadlines
Automate reports & dashboards

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