Case Management for in-house legal teams has never been easier

Xakia is the world's most modern and intuitive in-house case management software.

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Capture critical case information

Manage your dispute and litigation risk by capturing all critical information in one simple platform, including:

  • Dispute details
  • Key dates
  • Dispute parties and their roles
  • Financial information
  • Resolution type and forum
  • Key outcomes
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“As the in-house legal function at Reece is being built from the ground up, it has been fantastic to partner with the team at Xakia to implement a ‘best in class’ legal technology solution to digitally enable our team from the outset.

Xakia is essential to the delivery of our Reece Legal strategy. It enables us to streamline and automate operations, drive data driven performance, and supports the management and reporting of risk and performance through advanced analytics.” 

General Counsel (ANZ)

Manage litigation with ease

Manage your key court or other dispute dates with notifications and reminders to ensure nothing slips through the cracks:

  • Set up templates for repetitive dispute types
  • Establish templates for tasks and key dates for ease of entry
  • Sync key dates with your calendar
  • Use our agile Card View to stay on top of your court (or other dispute resolutions) schedule
cloud based legal matter management platform for in-house legal teams
legal analytics software

Dispute analytics & dashboards

With Xakia’s legal dispute analytics, you can run your litigation reporting in seconds not days or weeks!

Let your case management work help you spot risks and key trends with Xakia’s off-the-shelf interactive legal analytics reports. With Xakia's legal analytics software, you can:

  • Generate a report in seconds and set it for regular, scheduled delivery
  • Identify key case types and trends
  • Identify repetitive risks from within your organization

Quarterly reporting used to take over a week. Now it takes just one day.

Tammy Fisher, Legal Support Administrator
The City of Overland Park

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