Gain visibility over key metrics with logs

Track and analyze key legal department metrics on disputes, parties and more through our Logs.

visibility into disputes and contracts with legal matter management software
legal matter management software to capture disputes and contracts

Say bye, bye, bye to spreadsheets!

Capturing critical information on disputes and contracts can be time-consuming and taxing, with little ROI. Xakia’s Dispute Log helps you track and analyze key metrics with ease and removes the need to use spreadsheets.

Be more strategic and address issues before they become problems. With Xakia's legal matter management software, you can easily spot trends and identify business problems, so that you can make informed decisions to improve your strategic approach and future work processes.

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Track and analyze key metrics with ease

Xakia's legal analytics software allows you to:
  • Save time and capture critical dispute information without the stress or hassle
  • Be more strategic and quickly address issues before they escalate
  • Easily spot trends to improve your work processes for the future
  • Supports you in future proofing your business and close any gaps that could erode your operational efficiencies
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The legal team is liberated from messy email management and now starts each project with full context


“The real differentiator for us was the intake component and the ability to have dashboards and metrics. Xakia was really the only out-of-the-box solution that offered both”

Megan Isaacson
Legal Operations Manager

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The National Law Journal has Named Xakia Technologies as a 2022 Legal Technology Trailblazer

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