We were looking for a matter management tool that best fit the needs of our diverse corporate legal team. Xakia provided the perfect platform for our company. The design is simple and easy to learn for the end user. It is a critical tool in the growth of our legal department for resource allocation and optimizing work efficiencies. Our team has benefited from the design, commitment to continuous improvement, and customer service that Xakia has provided from day one. I highly recommend Xakia to any legal team looking to drive better efficiency for their attorneys and staff while making it easier to report on the legal teams’ contributions to the organization.

- D. Beau Sylvester, Legal Operations


Xakia has had tremendous benefits in helping our legal team prioritise and report – not sure how we worked without it!

- Sean Power
General Counsel, Bluescope Buildings


Xakia has provided us a clean, user-friendly and effective way to track the matters our team works on. The integration with Net Documents is seamless – a critical feature for us. We have found the Xakia team to be great listeners, agile developers, and keenly interested in meeting their clients’ needs. Xakia has become a key foundation of our legal technology architecture.

- Damien Sullivan, Group General Counsel

Contact Energy

Xakia has given us much-needed visibility over the full range of legal instructions that our team is asked to assist with.  We are now able to allocate legal instructions in a manner that aligns with expertise, capacity, and providing growth opportunities for our team.

Carlton United Breweries

The entire CUB Legal team is very happy to be using Xakia to manage our matters. The platform ticks so many boxes for us. It is simple to use and has clearly been designed with the end user in mind, the reporting insights which can be automatically generated help us to effectively demonstrate alignment to business strategy and value and it connects seamlessly with our document management system. Not to mention the support we’ve received from Xakia from implementation onwards which has been exceptional! 

- Zoe Solomon, General Counsel CUB

Electricity North West

After some time looking for a matter manager to record our in-house legal work, we came across Xakia which fits our needs perfectly. Not only is it really easy to use, the system provides a whole host of reporting functions and data collection that we never thought we could capture! The Xakia team are friendly and always at hand to provide ongoing training or support. We are impressed with the continuous developments made by Xakia; always striving to make the system better and listening to feedback. Great software, would highly recommend.

-Sophie Fieldsend, Solicitor


Matter tracking and organization is particularly beneficial to small law departments, because of its added functionality over the old-school method of using spreadsheets … We can also save time by loading the invoices into our matter-tracking system as opposed to individually tracking legal service invoices.



Xakia allows us to monitor and keep track of all ongoing matters with ease and efficiency. Team collaboration is enhanced by having matters centrally located and easily accessible from any location. The ability to produce tailored reports in real time has been a great asset to the team and the business, and with each new update and instalment, we get better value from Xakia.

- Medibank Private Limited


Even as a new Xakia subscriber, we are already collating data which will help us manage and resource the company’s legal requirements better, as well as identifying opportunities for professional development.

- Johnny Short, General Counsel, Australia

Vicinity Centres

Xakia provides us with real time visibility on the workload and competing priorities of our legal department. We have found it to be a critical tool for resource allocation purposes and optimizing team efficiencies. One of the greatest challenges facing any in-house legal department is how to effectively demonstrate “value” to the broader business through imperical data. Xakia enables us to numerically substantiate how the legal team actively contributes towards the company’s strategic goals and key metrics. We can also identify recurring high volume / low risk work items with a view to refocussing team attention and effort towards those matters which directly support and impact our company’s strategic agenda.

- Aaron Gant, GM Corporate Legal

Virgin Australia

Our in-house legal team are excited for the implementation of Xakia Matters. Xakia Matters is very easy to use, the reporting functionality is more sophisticated than other offerings and it simplifies the management of your own matters as well as your team’s matters. I would highly recommend Xakia Matters as a matter management solution.

- Dayna Field, Chief Legal Officer

Vocus Group

Xakia gives us the ability to visualise where our legal team is investing its time and effort, and enables us to easily and graphically demonstrate our value add to the business. Xakia to us is not just a data collection tool, but is a way for us to define our key metrics, and measure how we’re tracking against those metrics in real time. It’s added a new dimension to our ability to focus on key objectives, and to identify things we can stop doing as well as the areas we need to focus more on.

- Ashe-lee Jegathesan, General Counsel and Company Secretary

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