Movember Case Study

The Movember Foundation chose Xakia to coordinate communication among lawyers on three continents and its seasonal secondees.

The challenge

General Counsel, Cate Bennett was ultimately presented with a challenge - how do you coordinate legal department personnel spread across three time zones and a group of seasonal secondees?

The approach

Ms Bennett needed a legal matter management software to serve as a hub for legal department communications

She chose Xakia because “it’s really user-friendly.”

Xakia was able to provide Movember's legal team with a centralized online matter management solution that allowed them to communicate and collaborate better. She was able to add users as required, and Xakia’s updates and notes functions allowed the Australian lawyers to coordinate work with their US and UK colleagues, without being stymied by time differences.

Furthermore, the in-house legal department was ready to start examining its operations and performance, and Xakia’s legal data analytics and reporting would empower that analysis.


  • Facilitating better communication between teams in different locations
  • Provided important insight into Movember’s legal operations
  • Ability to identify bottlenecks
View the full Movember case study here to find out more.

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