Legal Department

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Legal Department

Yearly Planning in an Abnormal Year

Legal departments that proactively pause to plan for the “new normal” will be better prepared for the transition, be better equipped to handle...

Legal Department

Movember Case Study

The Movember Foundation chose Xakia to coordinate communication among lawyers on three continents and its seasonal secondees.

Legal Department

Batelco & Xakia Case Study

Batelco selected Xakia to deliver reliable matter intake – and now uses the software to make data-driven performance goals.

Legal Department

Syneos Health Case Study

Megan Isaacson, Legal Operations Manager at Syneos Health, needed a saner approach to legal intake and triage.

Legal Department

Coca-Cola Amatil Case Study

Coca-Cola Amatil needed a way to capture the team’s “full universe of matters” to ensure accuracy in reporting to business units and the leadership...

Legal Tech

Legal Tech and Small Departments

Legaltech isn’t just for large legal departments. Learn how three small in-house legal teams deployed technology to find efficiency and time savings.

Legal Operations

What CEOs Want from Legal Departments

Whether you report directly to the CEO or it's more dotted-line, it’s important to know what your executives and boards value most and how you can...

Legal Department

How do legal teams define value?

Is the value added by a legal team defined by cost savings, value of matters worked on and risk avoided, or by the achievement of an organisation's...

Legal Department

Xakia does matter! ACC NatCon 2016

Xakia attended the Australian ACC National Conference and we noticed a theme - legal teams are seeking ways to understand their own legal function.

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