Legal Budget

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Legal Budget

Tracking matter budgets

In-house legal budgets are only getting tighter. Here are 6 tips to help you manage your legal matters and external engagements and avoid budget...

Legal Budget

Make the Most of a Small Legal Budget

For small corporate legal departments, their budget may have fewer zeroes than a large team, but the pressure to deliver with minuscule resources is...

Legal Budget

The Data-Driven Legal Budget

Starting the budget process with a strategic look at both your external spend and your internal workload will result in a better financial picture.

Legal Budget

Budget Benchmarks: Where do you Stand?

Budget season approaches and soon it will be time to turn your attention from the law to the ledger. The next few months will be a critical time to...

Tips and Tricks

Measuring Legal Tech ROI

Measuring ROI may seem pretty straight-forward, but with LegalTech, this can get a little nebulous. Find out how you can measure legal technology ROI...

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