Understand team workload and capacity with an in-house legal capacity dashboard

Your in-house legal team is drowning. How do you get a clear understanding of capacity to appropriately (and fairly) assign work? A capacity dashboard.

Understanding the capacity of team members is often a tricky task for in-house legal teams. Everybody is drowning. Yet the work keeps coming, so who is going to do it?

An analysis of capacity across your Legal Department is an essential management tool to understand both the absolute and relative ability of team members to take on new work.

Not all legal work is created equal - the work may be small or large, complex or simple, strategic or routine. An in-house legal analytics software that captures each of these metrics about the work being done will allow you get a true understanding of each team member's workload and assign work appropriately.

This is why Xakia has launched a new Legal Department Capacity Dashboard!

in-house legal department resource capacity dashboard - legal analytics software

The Capacity Dashboard gives general counsels and senior leaders of in-house legal teams real-time visibility across their team and uses Xakia's analytics to empower GCs to make decisions they can action immediately. If you want capacity conversations to be much, much more than a “how many matters are you working on right now” conversation, the Capacity Dashboard is worth checking out!

Key highlights of the Legal Department Capacity Dashboard

Traffic light system

If everybody is drowning in work, then by definition nobody has capacity. So a dashboard needs to consider both the absolute AND relative position of the team. Complex algorithms sit behind the dashboard, but this is distilled into a simple traffic light system on the left hand side to provide an initial understanding of a lawyer's capacity.


Volume metrics and indicators are shown in both total and time frames to understand whether any given piece of work can fit into the demands on a team member. Combine this with the 'size' metrics (also displayed by volume) to understand the type of work being done by a team member.


Risk, complexity and strategic impact of the work being done also play a role in determining the capacity of a Legal Department team member. Averages are displayed on a dial, combined with colour indicators to show the intensity of the work being done by a team member.

That's not all!

Legal requests

When the work requests come in through your in house legal matter management software, you need to see these side by side the capacity of your team so that you can make appropriate work assignments. In Xakia's legal capacity dashboard, you can display your legal requests alongside capacity so that this assessment can be made in tandem.

Capacity in an in-house Legal Department is always challenging. Xakia's new legal department dashboard gives managers an opportunity to find the right resource for the right work, the first time.

Get critical insights into your team's capacity with legal analytics software

To learn more about Xakia's legal analytics software and the capacity dashboard, get in touch with the team today for a demo.

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