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As general counsel, you lead the organization’s legal strategy, ensure compliance in myriad jurisdictions, manage litigation risk and navigate new regulations – all before lunch. You don’t have time for “who’s doing what” guesswork. Xakia exists to bring you clarity, sanity and time to focus on the big picture.
General Counsel

Whether you lead a team of thousands or serve as an army of one, Xakia can help you:

  • Manage risk and strategy. By visualizing your matters’ size, risk, complexity and strategic value, you can keep your team attuned to organization priorities – and easily identify areas for cost savings and creative solutions.
  • Build happier, more productive teams. Avoid burnout, reward individual contributions and ensure there’s always a backup plan.
  • Control your budget. Watch spending benchmarks in real time, so you’re never caught by surprise – or by the CFO.
  • Better deploy your law firms. Monitor your firms’ workloads, deadlines and budgets; avoid sending low-value, low-risk work to your priciest firms.
  • Create faster, better and more meaningful reports. Swiftly deliver information on utilization, budget or strategic alignment – recapturing hours, if not days, over tedious traditional reporting.

Above all, you can get your time back (and you get to be a lawyer again). You didn’t go to law school to sift through Excel spreadsheets or review law firm invoicing. Let Xakia empower you to do what you do best: practice law.

Looking to bolster your department’s efficiency and effectiveness? These resources are designed to help general counsel identify opportunities and find the right solutions.

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