Lawyers live in their email inbox

Streamline legal operations through legal matter management software and Gmail without having to leave your email inbox!

In-house legal teams communicate with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders at any given point, so email remains the platform from which they can quickly and easily jump between legal matters and read, disseminate and respond to messages within seconds.

Many software systems have tried (and failed) to change this mode of communication. Slack and Teams are edging closer, but the accepted practice of sending an email for notification, negotiation or action purposes is still a long way from being displaced in the legal ecosystem.

For corporate Legal Departments, the second most common piece of software for managing legal work is a matter management software. So how does email coexist with legal matter management software? A system that is designed to improve legal operations and provide productivity improvements for in-house legal teams must consider the primary email tool of its users.

legal matter management in gmail inbox

Gmail users can now delight in exceptional functionality to streamline their legal operations through the best legal matter management software in the legal technology market. Without ever leaving the Gmail user interface, in-house lawyers can now:

Gmail send and file

  • Quickly and easily file your emails to your Xakia legal matter management software
  • All emails sent on a single thread will automatically file to the same matter
  • Documents attached to emails can be saved directly – and separately to emails – to Xakia matters

gmail - email filing in Xakia legal matter management software

Information at your fingertips

  • Immediately recall a list of your work being managed in the Xakia legal matter management software
  • Rapidly find information with free text search or sort a full list of legal matters by key data points such as matter manager, due date or your ‘favorite’ matters

Update matter information without leaving Gmail

  • Matter status as the legal matter lifecycle changes
  • Status notes to ensure information is up to date
  • ‘Favorite’ a matter to ensure that it is found quickly in your matter management system

Collaboration from email, but without email

  • Add key dates and tasks, including assignment to work colleagues
  • Engage in discussions with internal clients or legal team colleagues
  • Show, hide or redact confidential matters, to assist with screen sharing and managing sensitive information

Gmail - engage in discussions on the legal matter

Legal matter management software and Gmail integration

The Xakia legal software for in house Legal Departments is designed to make the life of a legal team faster, better and more efficient. By putting the power of legal matter management right in the Gmail user interface, Xakia is equipping legal teams with the ability to access, manage and leverage critical legal information where much of their business takes place – their email inbox.

To learn more about the matter management and Gmail integration, get in touch with the team today for a demo, or sign up for a 14-day free trial to see it in action.

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