What is Xakia Legal Matter Management?

The Xakia legal matter management software connects in-house legal teams with business clients to maximize strategic impact and demonstrate legal team value.

Like all teams, Legal Departments within corporates, non-profits and government bodies need to know who is working on what, and for whom. Every member of the team needs to understand their goals and the tasks required to achieve them.

Xakia legal matter management is a cloud based legal software that provides in-house legal teams with an intuitive, clear interface to help them identify and prioritize their work.

Whether an individual view, a team view, or a view that displays the work being undertaken for different stakeholders, by understanding the volume, value and velocity of the legal work being done, the corporate Legal Department will ensure it is well placed to make a big impact on its organization.

And that is just the beginning. Modern matter management solutions for in-house legal teams will encompass key features to achieve:

xakia legal analytics software

Legal matter management is also about finding the sweet spot for legal automation – where repetitive work that does not require specific and nuanced legal expertise can be either automated end-to-end, or streamlined with automation in the parts of the process that make sense. Xakia helps to capture the information that informs legal automation choices, and inject it seamlessly where it can help to save time, cost and resources.

Where the best enterprise legal management software of yesterday was a heavy solution that required deep pockets to achieve deployment and adoption, the best, modern matter management software for legal departments now will be quick to deploy and intuitive to adopt – certainly for small teams, but also for very large teams.

Legal operations made easy

Xakia believes in making sophisticated legal matter software available to teams of all sizes (and budgets!). Just because you have a small in-house Legal Department, does not mean that you have smaller pain points, or need to manage your legal work in a streamlined and (where possible) automated fashion.

Xakia legal matter management software

At its core, Xakia is about playing nicely in the legal ecosystem. Whether you want to get closer to your business clients, your law firms and external resources, or your stakeholders, Xakia's legal matter management system integrates with your existing tech tools, or offers a single platform for end-to-end matter lifecycle management.

It is Xakia’s mission to ensure that all legal teams are closely connected with their business clients, maximize their impact on strategic goals and are well recognized for the valuable contribution they make to their business.

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